Last Weekend


I know it’s Tuesday, and I should have done a weekend recap yesterday, but whatevers.

There were some good eats on Saturday. Went to Mitsuwa Market to get some boxed sushi with my Umma:


(^I get my big smile and dimples from her, hehe)

I guess she was really excited about it, hahaha. Pretty nice to have all that sushi for around 20 bucks. Then I kept her company while she ran some errands and went grocery shopping. I feel like a kid again πŸ™‚

Then at night, went to CPK to celebrate two birthdays!


Neal turned 29, and Jeff turned 20!

And if you know me, I love ordering salads. Not only because they’re healthy, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE vegetables and all sorts of colorful goodies!

If you know this, then you know that’ I’ve ordered many a salad in my day. MANY. And I now have my favorite….

CPK’s Moroccan-spiced chicken salad:


That is the full size (MASSIVE). It has everything I love: chicken (with Moroccan spice), butternut squash, red beets, avocados, almonds, carrots, dates, chopped eggs, cranberries, and champagne vinaigrette (which I ordered on the side). If you love those ingredients, go to CPK and order this salad. DO IT. You’ll raise your arms in victory after you finish it. Ask whoever I ate with. I really did that. It was THAT good.


Fast forward to Sunday and some of the young adult and I went to Mitsuwa Market again! I got another boxed sushi and some people got Japanese Ramen. We finished it off with a green tea ice cream bar, which was incredibly delicious, thick, and rich, and PERFECT for a hot hot day.


Fast forward to today’s lunch.

I introduce to you the “Whatever-is-in-the-fridge-Thai-noodle-stir-fry”


It has bell peppers, yellow squash/zucchini, onions, garlic, Thai peanut powder/seasoning, spicy peanut dressing, and eggs. Oh, and lots and lots of black peppers on top.

I will pretty much be making stuff like that until the whole fridge is empty. Moving out forces me to use stuff I have put off using (like angel hair pasta? Why’d I even buy that?? And that Thai peanut powder, which I should have used earlier).


I’m halfway done with my finals. My approach is a little too relaxed. I’m watching Running ManΒ and playing MyVegas. HAH. Must be getting ready for a summer trip already!

Are you disciplined and good with time management? Or do you “work better under pressure”?

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