What a Weekend (LAST PART)

If you missed the other parts, it’s pretty darned exciting and you should get yourself caught up (just kidding, only part 1 is really cool):

What a Weekend (Part 1)

What a Weekend (Part 2)

So what were the results of my marathon? Did I break 3:40:00?


Well, I remember that near the end of the course, went I hit mile 25, I realized that I would have to really push the pace (haha, and I”m talking about having slowed down to 9:30 ish pace… and bringing it back around at least 8:45). I had 11 minutes to cover 1.2 miles.

[Full recap will come in the next post. It’s kind of fun to watch the full marathon journey and watch the times and see all the wheels come off and a person completely disassemble… and then slightly reassembles near the end to finish strong… ish, hehe].

Here’s the thing about what happened in the last 11 minutes. I started pleading with God. Here’s how my pleas went:

“God. Thank you so much for being with me during this race. My bad for booking it on the downhill… my legs are kinda dead tired now. Anyways, if you could please please please let me break 3:40, I will give all the honor and glory to you. Be with me now, LORD. You are my second wind!”

And as I got closer and closer, I said:

“God. If you can get me under 3:40even by a split second… I will praise Your Name forever and a day.” <— I was really tired, and praying phrases like that which I don’t normally use.

Then I tried to use other arguments: “Besides, You are my Creator, and it will all be to Your credit. PLEASE, GOD.”

“Father, You know I wanted to BQ, but that doesn’t matter anymore. Please just get me in break 3:40. I only need milliseconds here, God!”

And God’s response was something like:

“Haha, you ask for some silly things, kiddo. Sure. I’ll get you in right under 3:40.”


OFFICIAL TIME: 3:39:58:4. 

That’s right! The LORD came through and let me break 3:40:00!!! And by more than ONE SECOND, hahaha.

When I think about it now, it’s kind of weird how badly the numbers “3:40” were ingrained in my brain during that race. I was just trying to run from that number… and I barely got away from it (or more like God pulled me away from it).

Later on, it will seem like such a silly request to have had, but for God to come through as my second wind and let me finish a hair under 3:40:00 was pretty spectacular! And also pretty funny 😀

[I know that He hears these prayers. Whether silly or not, whether meaningful or meaningless, He hears. We just have to trust His answer. When I asked God for a BQ yesterday, His answer was, “Not yet.” Am I happy about His answer? Not necessarily… but do I trust His answer? Entirely. It’s going to happen one day… yesterday just wasn’t the day.]


After the race, I walked back to the hotel and washed up. I was snacking on a bagel and PB during this time. Then I went to Trader Joe’s and picked up a cous cous and quinoa salad kind of thing. I don’t know… I was really craving a nice colorful salad. It had chicken, too… so with protein and carbs to refuel my shredded legs, I was good to go.

I actually drove down to Los Angeles to meet up with my roommate Joanna! She and her family opened up their home for me to go and rest.

When I arrived, I took a nap. It was one of those naps that felt like 20 minutes, but it was actually close to 1.5 or 2 hours.

Then I ate my first pupusa (Salvadorian dish made with corn tortilla and maize flour. This one had beans and cheese in it, and we topped it with some cabbage salsa and hot sauce. It was GOOD!).

They had an errand to run, and afterwards, we went to In-n-Out burger:



(first pic: me and Joanna. Second pic: Joanna’s sister and niece)

And then we partied!



Okay… but not really. I had half of that Shock Top. Beer makes me really full… and pretty sleepy, haha. We drank beer and watched Pitch Perfect with errbody. It was pretty funny and fun to have everyone chillin’ in the living room.

BTW, I tried a sip of the Chelada thing that Joanna is holding. It was actually pretty good!

The Coronels stayed up to watch another movie, but it was already around midnight, and I had to get to bed.


Woke up at 5:10 am this morning. Got washed up, and I tried to be extremely quite, but I ended up waking up practically everyone because my stupid plastic bag decided to be incredibly loud. BOO. Good thing they were too tired to slap me, hehe.

I was on the road by 5:30 am. Arrived home at 11 a.m. 5.5 hours on the road with two stops (to refuel and caffeinate… and relieve bladder).

Got lunch with Joe:


I decided to get some healthy eats from Whole Foods. I LOVE eating at Whole Foods (if you haven’t noticed). I got some kale salad that comes with tomatoes, avocados, and some dressing. I tried to take a lot of the scoops where I’d get a lot of the avocados. Yeah. I’m that person. And I topped that withe a curried quinoa salad, and added some edamame to it for some more protein.

Then I napped on and off for a while.

I think my schedule can now be back to normal. Waking up at insane hours, having naps for a couple hours each day… it’s a little weird. BUT it’s certainly a great way to start off my summer break!


Have you run the Mountains2Beach Marathon before? 

When you ran your PR, were you good about keeping negative/even splits?

Ever had that Chelada drink (which is beer and a bit of tomato juice… and lime?)?

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