Summer Goals

Hello! I had a wonderful time last night with my friend Noel and her son, Urijah!



While they were at their Gymboree class, I was browsing Westgate mall. They don’t have much going on there, but everything they offer is inexpensive (Old Navy, Target, Nordstrom Rack). I ended up getting a sports bra from Nordstrom Rack. Lord knows my cheap Target bras from three years ago are kind of starting to lose its elasticity.

After their class, we went to Willow Street for dinner. The last time we had gone there was probably then years ago when I was still in high school. I remember I thought the place was extremely expensive, but I’m thinking that’s only because I was in high school and had no monies.

I ordered a salad that came with quinoa, some other grain, goat cheese, cranberries, cucumbers, spring mix, red bell peppers, and balsamic vinaigrette on the side.


It was tasty and really filling!

Then during dinner, Urijah told us a really funny story:



He is a really animated storyteller. Too bad I don’t speak Baby Babble any more (it got a little rusty when I turned 3).

Noel and Urijah were doing other cute things:



I got jealous and wanted to get in on the action, too:


^I know… my face is a little scary. He’s just so darn cute!

We walked around Westgate some more with some coffee in hand, and got to catch up. Definitely feel that he’s growing up way too fast!


I have a few goals for the summer.

#1: Attend all the Running Addicts track workouts (when possible): I have been able to avoid these because I hate speedwork… because I’m bad at it <— or I have a fear of it/bad attitude when it comes to it/mentally weak when I go to the track. If I can conquer this “fear” of mine during the summer, it’d be a HUGE step forward in my running performance. I will be starting on this goal this evening!… even though it’s one of the workouts I hate the most… one mile timed run. Dangit. 

#2: More trail running: I did a lot of trail running last summer and I feel like that is how I was able to run a strong race in the fall for the San Jose Half Marathon (where I PR’d). Plus, it provides a good amount of shade for when the weather is blistering hot. I’m already going to be getting started on this goal tomorrow morning with a trail run with an RA girl!

#3: Get my abs back: Here’s my before picture (from this morning)


BTW, the mirror is like a trick mirror. It makes me look skinny. I think everyone should get it, so they can feel confident in whatever they’re wearing. Just don’t look in a normal mirror in bad lighting.

I kind of have a ways to go… but it kind of has to start with me not stuffing my face with nonsense, crap foods. I tend to do that a lot when I’m training for a marathon (must be the whole “I totally earned this entire bag of kettle corn because I’m going to run a marathon in like eight weeks NOM NOM NOM” thing).

think my abs are there… it’s just under some insulation. We’ll see how much insulation I can take off in a couple weeks.

[Also… when I say “get my abs back“… it’s not like I ever had a definite six pack like this woman. I just used to have a lot more definition than I do now. That is all].

Now that I’ve posted a “before” picture… it kind of keeps me accountable to give you a good “after” picture. It is quite possible you may never see that, haha. We’ll see 😉


Do you have any summer goals? 

Do you enjoy track workouts/speedwork?

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