Track Run and a Trail Run

Woo hoo! Last night, I finally conjured up all of the strength I had in me and went to a Running Addicts track workout.

We did a nice 2-mile warm-up (note to self: I have always been warming up at the wrong pace. Why waste energy on a too-fast warm-up when I should just warm up and save the energy for the workout, yeah?).

Then we did some drills together to complete the warm-up. We did some high knees, butt kicks, low skips:


And high skips:


Then it was a one-mile timed run. I just decided to do it at a relatively hard pace, but I wasn’t looking to run my fastest less than a week after a marathon (since my body is still not used to marathoning). I ran it in 7:01. Boo. Couldn’t even break 7:00 yesterday… BUT at least I didn’t feel like I was going to pass out. I know I can eek out something faster on another day with fresher legs.

Then with a nice walk around the track, we did about 3.3 miles total (with w/u, one-mile run, c/d walk). Then we finished off with some ab and buttwork, and also took a good amount of time to get some group pictures:



Running AND taking lots of pictures together?? These are my kind of people. Like I’ve mentioned before, I will be going to all of the track workouts that I can attend. I’ll be out of town for the next track run, but I’ll certainly be there the following week!


This morning, I woke up pretty early and headed out to Rancho San Antonio to do some trail running with Erika! She was my co-pacer in the Santa Cruz Half. 


She is in exceptional shape and ran 15 miles this morning! I told her I would go with her for a portion of it. We did about 7.5 miles together and then I headed back.

Oh, how much I missed trail running!






There were some portions that were really sunny, but otherwise, Erika wisely chose the trails with plenty of shade. Along the way back to the parking lot, I saw the baby goats running about!


Goodness. Those billy goats can sure do plyometrics really well!


(They were all jumping up and down on those stumps. Super cute!).

When I was back at the parking lot, I stretched a bit and then headed over to Joe’s.


(Another note to self: always bring a visor or sunglasses on your summer runs. Your eyeballs will thank you).

I ran 10 miles, 1:50:xx. Not bad for my first trail run in a long while!


Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and nice plans for the weekend! I have a longish run in SF tomorrow morning (course preview for the SFM pacing).

Do you get to do a lot of trail running where you live? 

Have you ever run a trail race? 

6 responses to “Track Run and a Trail Run

  1. I love Trail!!! I have my first Trail event In November – a 15k. Where I live a little town in New Zealand, there are quite a few trails anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour away. Most are a bit of a drive, but well worth it with all the beautiful scenery and technical routes. I fell for running on a trail run! ha!

      • Yup, this place has some amazing trails! If you ever have time, you should check out the Tarawera Ultramarathon site and Youtube videos, I have only just done my first event, but am itching to one day get to at least do the 65km!! Its so magical out in the Tarawera’s!

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