Running Across the Golden Gate Bridge

Sometimes, I feel so happy and blessed to have found my running group. They are not only the nicest and friendliest peoples ever, but without them, I wouldn’t have done a lot of the super cool things I’ve gotten to do in the past year.

Something I couldn’t have done without them? Pacing!


(BTW, per usuals, many of the photo creds go to Linh!)

I also wouldn’t have PR’d without learning about the fast M2B course from the Running Addicts:


(Official time was 3:39:58).

Another new experience I got to have through the Running Addicts? Running the Golden Gate Bridge! 

Remember not too long ago when I came with my roomies to do silly things near the GG Bridge?


Well… I got to freaking run across it this time!

Here’s how it went down. We met at the Sports Basement in Sunnyvale by 6 am and carpooled to the Sports Basement Presidio. From there, we ran out to Fort Mason and turned back to the SB Presidio for a warm-up.



Then we headed out toward the GG Bridge!



(Actually, the SB Presidio is SUPER close to the Bridge!).

Finally, after the little climb up, we were on the Bridge:


I don’t know if I was just being silly, but I felt giddy and this weird exhilaration from running on it for the first time! At least I can get rid of the giddiness before I pace the half in two weeks.

Anywho, we made it to the other side and snapped some pictures:

sf preview

sf preview 2

Running back was a little windy (hold on to your hats, people), but still lots of fun!


This part where you are coming off the Bridge is pretty fun… a nice downhill to the SB Presidio!


Amy and I were too cool to run 22, so we kept our SF run to around 10.5 miles. Since I did 10 trail miles the previous day, I knew I would probably NOT have enjoyed running the 22 with the brave ones who DID do it:


While the others were running, Amy and I did some browsing (and purchasing, hehe) in the Sports Basement. That place is HUUUUUGE. I kind of wanted to buy everything, but I (mostly) kept it to things that I was planning on purchasing (new visor, new socks). They really have a wide variety of items and mark down their shoes a BUNCH when they are about to get the newer models. I’m all for buying an old(er) model of a shoe if it means I pay $35 instead of $100.

We found Kiyoko waiting outside, and the three of us were talking and laughing and sharing stories. Time definitely flew by, and the 22-mile runners came back nice and depleted (that’s also when I was happy with my decision to keep it to a short run, harhar).

To fuel up after the run, we went to Saigon Sandwich:


This is the kind of place I LOVE: Small shop, simple menu, line out-the-door (to show how popular it is), and those ladies get out those sandwiches pretty fast! If you love banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) like I do, GO TO THERE. Note that you WILL be tempted by the squishy and yummy desserts at the counter.


So I will be running the first half marathon in the SFM for the 2:00 pace group. It’s going to be silly fun, you guys. I seriously can’t wait! Luckily, I will be able to run with the 4:00 pace group… it’s just that when I’m done, that will signal that they are only half way, hehe.

I know this course is going to be really nice. I just ran most of it today :). CAN’T WAIT!


Have you run the San Francisco Marathon (or halfs) before?

Have you ever run across the Golden Gate Bridge?

Are you a member of a running group in your area?

6 responses to “Running Across the Golden Gate Bridge

  1. Great recap, Michelle! I always love running across the Golden Gate Bridge. Couldn’t make it out yesterday and missed you guys. Can’t wait to join the group in pacing the SF marathon!

  2. Congrats on the PR!!! That would be such a gorgeous race to run. That bridge alone is worth it. I still really want to try to find a race I can be a pacer for. I don’t know why it’s so difficult!

    • Yeah, I actually never even knew about how to be a pacer until I joined the running group. Since my running group is known for having good pacers, they are getting asked to pace a lot of races. Hope you can find one! It’s a great way to volunteer for a race while running the course.

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