Exploration Time

OMG. I just went on an amazing trail run this morning. First, let me tell you about yesterday’s wonderful rest day:

After service, I went to Downtown Campbell with these lovely sisters:


First, we went to Starbucks to get something cold to drink. Then Tammy and Chimi got cupcakes. Tammy got a bacon one and Chimi got… I forgot. Birthday cake one?


What did I get? NOTHING. I’m actually not a huge fan of cupcakes. I’m a fan of fro-yo or ice cream cake. BUT… I had my summer goal in mind, so I just ate a Larabar that was in my purse.

I was thinking about going for an easy run or going to the gym to swim at night… but I changed my mind. I decided that a complete rest day would do no harm. In fact, it would probably do some good. I don’t want to get injured by overtraining!


This morning, I headed out around 8:50 am. Less than 10 minutes away is an entrance for a trail that goes all over the place and has so many different loops and trails I could choose.

It first starts out going through a residential area:


Then there is a gigantic hugeanormous hill to climb:


I let the first portion be a warm-up. I didn’t push too hard on the hills and didn’t feel bad about walking when it was necessary. I got nice and warm and restarted my Garmin to record the actual workout (warm up was 1.30 miles, 18:14, and 453 ft elevation gain).

The actual workout part was mostly a steady uphill in the beginning, and then a bunch of rolling hills.


Some parts were really sunny (actually, the majority of the trails were sunny with no shade):


But there were some super nice and shady areas:


Along the way, I saw a little squiggle, showing that a snake must have gone by! Gotta watch out for snakes and other critters out there!


There were many places to enjoy the nice view (to get the mind off of the blaring sun):



I did a bunch of different loops and trails that I don’t think I’ve ever done before. It was so much fun! It was also very very tiring.

The workout part of the run was 7.39 miles, 1:24:03, and 1,110 elevation gain.

The cooldown was jog/walk was mostly downhill back to the start. It was 1.33 miles, 15:25.

It was another 10 miles of trail running, and I was TOTALLY ready to go take an “ice bath” in our pool (which stays really cool year-round… even on a super hot day). I walked around in it for about 15 minutes and totally loved the fact that I live so close to those trails.

Though I don’t feel any injuries coming on, I knew it would be smart to foam roll. Ouchness. I haven’t done the foam-rolling in several months! I should really try to make time to roll everything out after every long or hard run.

[By the way, the trails I ran are considered to be in the Fremont Older Open Space. It connects to the Stevens Creek County Trails. If you live in Saratoga or Cupertino, CA, then you might enjoy checking it out. Just know that many parts of the trails have zero shade]


Enjoy the rest of your Monday! Hope you have a good start to the week, too 🙂

When you go on new trails/courses, do you explore by yourself or go with friends?

If you run on trails, do you  have to get out there super early to avoid the heat that starts mid-morning?

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