Ready for the Weekend

Michael, Joe and I got back from Reno yesterday and it was really nice to be back home!

Here are some of the tasty eats from my very favorite buffet in Reno yesterday… The Buffet at El Dorad0 [ Thursday morning before leaving Reno, I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 on the elliptical. 3.25 miles and “3.05 miles”)]. Then we went to stuff our faces… kind of.


I created a bed of greens on the whole plate. Then I topped it with an egg thingy, beets (loves them), pork tenderloin, a mushroom salad thing, a tomato and mozzarella cheese salad, and a carrot and raisin salad (the only thing is that that salad was extremely sweet, so I didn’t finish it).

There was a second smaller plate of food. There may or may not have been a visit to the dessert bar:


I was going to grab like 8 items, but told myself to just start with three. I got the cheesecake, bread pudding, and English trifle.

Here’s something weird. I am usually able to put it all away without blinking, but yesterday, they were all way too sweet. WHO AM I. 

After being weirded out by the fact that I couldn’t finish those sweets, I sat knowing I was too full… but I wanted some fruit.


Some ambrosia salad and more fruit on top. Boom. I was super full and finished off the meal with coffee. Guess what. The buffet cost us $9.99. And that was the weekday lunch price! And that’s why I love that buffet. Inexpensive… sometimes with really dry meat, but oh well. Everything I eat is delish.


When we got back home, there was a package waiting for me!


The red seersucker dress I ordered from LaMaLu arrived!


Remember! There is an awesome LaMaLu giveaway that ends real soon!!! You still have time to enter 🙂


After watching the Heat v. Spurs game last night, the boys were anxious to play a bit of basketball (they  also missed their usual Wednesday game from being out of town). Since they were going to the gym anyways, I decided I would make it a two-a-day and get in another treadmill run.


3 miles at 6.7 mph as a warm-up.

4 miles at 7.3 mph (little faster… but keeping it easy since I did some miles in the morning. I also wanted to make sure the slow speed I was struggling with in Reno was because of the altitude instead of me being slowskies and burnt out).

2 miles at 6.7 mph as a cool-down.

Then I did one mile of walking at about 4.7 mph at 4.5% incline.

Boom. An extra 10 miles at night. Loved it!


Since we ate a whole bunch when we were in Reno, I tried to make a healthy brunch this morning.


Bread toasted with Swiss cheese, and a hard-boiled egg and sliced avocados. It was a tiny bit bland, so I added some peach mango salsa, which made it extremely delicious and filling!


Okay. So tomorrow is going to be exciting!

First, I’ll be doing a trail run with the Running Addicts.

Then I’ll be heading out to church and going with the young adults to Carmel and Monterey! We’re basically going to be down there all day. We’ll be doing some walking around in the Carmel boutiques, hanging out at the beach, and stuffing our pretty little faces with yummy eats!

Any exciting weekend plans?

Do you enjoy going to buffets?

How do you bounce back from vacationing? Is it tough to get back to your normal routine?

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