Something From the Weekend


I cannot find my usb cord for my camera. It has some lovely pictures from the Carmel & Monterey trip we had on Saturday… guess it will have to wait for another time. Until then, here’s an Instagram pic from the trip:


I also had really awesome pictures from a trail run I did with the Running Addicts early on Saturday morning. Luckily, there were other photographers to snap lots of pictures during the run (photo creds to Linh and Jesi)!


We met at 5:45 am at Rancho San Antonio. This park fills up really quickly in the early hours during this season, so we had to make sure we all got parking spots!

Then we headed out.





^We had a very triumphant warm up, hehe.  

And even if there are people who run at different speeds, they always wait up for everyone to re-group. 


^Take a close look. If you don’t see three Marcia’s, you are in big trouble.

Anyways, there were really cool panoramic pictures taken, too!


 The High Meadow trail gets kind of sunny… but good thing we were out there super early to avoid the major heat that would start from 9:00am!


The last bit (for me) was a short uphill hike up to the PG&E power line.


The other RA’s ended up going further out, but I hit 5.5 miles and was running (<–HAHA) late to get home and take a shower! I quickly had to back track to the parking lot (I guess I could have taken other short cuts… but I wanted to run more than 10 miles).

I got back and I think it was 10.75 miles in about two hours. There were plenty of breaks along the way to take pictures. This was my kind of run for sure 🙂


I know how to take a shower in 90 seconds. I found that out on Saturday after the trail run. Made it to church on time for the Carmel trip and was able to brag that I already ran more that ten miles and washed up ALL before 9 am.

They all think I’m crazy.


Sunday was a nice rest day. I walked Vanna for two miles (around our hilly neighborhood. It’s really more like hiking). Then did P90X and some shoulder work with weights.

Today was pretty crazy. I did another hike for 2.25 miles with Vanna as a warm-up. Then I went out to the street in front of our house and did hill repeats. 

If you know me or have read this blog, that is a big deal. I’m a whiny annoying person when it comes to track workouts or anything with “REPEATS”. Initially, I was thinking of doing 5 of them. 

First one was to find out how long the hill would take at a good pace (which would serve as the base… and all the other repeats had to be faster than that). The 0.22 mile hill took 1:59. 

The next ones were as follows: 1:50, 1:47, 1:45, 1:46. 

After each run, I jog/walked back down the hill. Mentally, I can still tell I’m kind of weak. In the middle of each one, I thought about giving up. Boo. Maybe it’s also because right in the middle is the driveway to my house, haha. 

But mentally, I also found that I’m a lot stronger than I was a year ago. I wouldn’t have made it through five of these last year. I probably would have done 2 repeats, haha. So… there it is. Progress. I don’t care if the progress is super slowskies. Just as long as I’m moving forward (pretty much my motto in a full marathon. I have to make some more mental progress there, too). 


I got to go to work today (my tutoring job where I always work during the summer and during breaks). I feel so incredibly blessed to have this job. The kids are SO PRECIOUS! And even if they’re struggling with a word, acting out, or having an all-around bad day, I see how much progress they make in the long run. It’s really a beautiful thing 🙂

Today was just nice because I got to crack up like 15 times. Kids are so funny!


Hope you had a nice weekend, as well as a good start to the week!

Do you get up incredibly early to get in a run to avoid the high heat that will strike later one?

Ever been to Carmel/Monterey?

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