Secret to Longer Hang Time

By now you know… I am in love with my running group. I have had the opportunities to do so many new things and be a part of so many more races (whether I am pacing, volunteering, or racing).

The Running Addicts also get me to do things I never would have done on my own. Example one:



We did warm-ups and drills before doing our workout. Ooh, we also took some lovely pictures, too:

GG Bridge (kinda):


And some pictures after:



^My theory for jumping pictures:

The bigger you open your mouth, the longer your hang time (parachute effect?). 

Anyways, our track workout was a 1 mile warm-up, then 1200m, 1000m, and 800m, each with a 200m recovery walk/jog… or crawl like I did.

If I do not do these track runs with the RA’s, I would not be doing them period. I think yesterday was the first time EVER where I felt okay (mentally) and did not feel horrible. Maybe I could have pushed myself harder? I dunno. But I certainly don’t dread these as much as I used to.

After our running portion, we did AbRipperX. Yeah. You best believe our quads/hip flexors were really excited about that. It has been a while since I did AbRipperX (maybe 10 days… or perhaps 2 weeks?). It’s always slightly more difficult doing it with my shoes on, but it was really nice to do it with the super clear sky above us.

Here is us finishing up with the child’s pose:


(As always, the awesome photo credits go to Linh!!).


This morning, I woke up early for a trail run with Erika and Mike!



We took the Chamise trail since we got there early and it would be relatively cool and somewhat shady during that time.

Since my legs felt heavy and tired from the track run last night, I took it easy. Erika took it easy because she was planning on logging way more miles than me. The trail we took connected to the Black Mountain Trail, which was great for the portion I ran. It was not too steep and you could maintain a pretty consistent pace going up. I turned around when I hit 5.5 miles.

Lovely views along the way!


And lots of animals, too!




I got back and stretched a bit, feeling great! I really tried to take it easy on the downhills back to the parking lot.


I didn’t push it on the flat parts either. Need to save a harder finish for a different day. Why? Because I’m pacing the 1st half marathon of the SF Marathon and I don’t want a hard Friday run to carry over to Sunday morning.


I’ll be heading out to San Francisco now! I’ll be sitting at the pacer booth… if anyone is going to be there really early to pick up their bibs for the SFM.

Any exciting plans for the weekend?


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