How To Run in Style

If you know me, then you know I don’t give a wild hoot about what I’m wearing… but yesterday, I had a chance to get a new running outfit from Lululemon!


Oh, but before that, I was at the SF Marathon expo to volunteer at the pacer booth for a while.


Cool, yeah? I’ll be pacing the 2:00 pace group for the first half marathon!

Anyways, I made my way quickly through the huge expo. There were a lot of vendors and a lot of samples given out. I just grabbed some Larabars and such because I couldn’t wait to get to Lulu!


(Instagram: meeshelkim).

I was going to buy the shorts, but the girl helping me brought over some capris/crops (ends mid-calves) and they were SO comfortable! I’m planning on wearing them for pacing tomorrow morning since we will be out there from 5:30 am. Actually, more like 4:30 am!

As far as the top, I chose the bottom left one, The other ones have cute designs on the back, but I wanted a simple, long tank that is bright. I’ll probably wear that after the pacing tomorrow.


I’m incredibly thankful to Lululemon for fitting new run outfits for all the pacers! We will do ya’ll proud and come in super close to our pace times!

And as far as running in style… I’m still figuring it out, haha.


At at Turmeric yesterday with Joe. It is an Indian buffet that our friend Nishant took us to!

Round one:


Round 2:


Round dessert (mango pudding and some other dessert thing with grapes).


I used to hate buffets. I always went WAY overboard and got really cranky. Now, I fill at least half of the plate with veggies and then add some other saucy, meaty, or heavy stuff around it…. and a little bit on top.

I mostly stuck with the fish curry because the fish pieces are SO big and delicious. Joe and I are planning on making this a weekly thing. can’t wait for next week, hehehe.


Woke up at 5 am today. Went to the Trail Quake Half (Brazen racing) to volunteer as a course marshal!

Michael and I were busy directing runners in a T-intersection.


We gave our whole morning to this race… as well as immense amounts of blood to the local mountain mosquitoes.

You’re welcome.

When we were done with our shift, we “jogged” down to the start line (maybe 3 miles?). Michael and Jesi called it “jogging”… but I’m pretty sure I was RUNNING on some parts of it. Oh, well. Bonus points for not tripping (big deal for someone like me).


This title has very very little to do with the actual post.

The end.

Who’s running SFM tomorrow? 

Anything fun and exciting for Sunday?

Do you enjoy buffets?

13 responses to “How To Run in Style

  1. I will be there tomorrow! It would be cool to meet you, but I’m sure it will be crowded. I must tell you, this desert girl is freezing in your fine city 🙂

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