How I Lost 10+ Pounds

Okay. If you know my story, you know getting on the scale was something I totally avoided. Numbers on the scale don’t tell the full story. Well, a couple months ago, I knew I was at my heaviest. I was still running a lot, but I was also eating as much as I wanted. 

I can burn 1500 calories in a 2.5 hour trail run… and I can gain that all back with a big Chipotle burrito and a huge cup of fro-yo (with toppings). 

It’s a lot easier to eat those calories than to burn it off. Simply… my appetite was raging, and I let myself indulge. 

I actually didn’t mind being heavier all that much except for the fact that it does not help me in running faster for long distances. I knew that if I wanted to race at a fast pace, I needed to be at an optimal race pace. 

Just out of curiosity, I weighed myself a couple times. “Whoa. Never seen that number before. This is the heaviest I’ve ever been.” Then, I moved on. I did not judge the weight or become depressed… I just took it as a nice starting point and decided to slowly work down from it. 

It kind of helped when I finished my marathon at the end of May. I was also done with school and living back at home. This meant that I could join in a lot of the group runs with my running group! It also meant that I was just 10-20 minutes away from some of my favorite trails!


If you can go trail running (or start by hiking and slowly work up to trail running), DO IT! I can’t get enough of it and I think that has been the major factor in the weight loss. 

Now, as I mentioned before, even when I was heavier, I was working out everyday. One thing I did a LOT of while living in SF was snack at night. I decided to cut that out (except for once in a while, of course). What I would say to myself is: “Do you really want that huge bowl of cereal more than you want to get to an optimal race weight?” About 9/10, I would decide to choose the optimal race weight over the cereal. This was important because I am still prone to binge-eating (eating disorder issues often linger), so that bowl of cereal usually ended up leading to a bag of chips, a PB sandwich, chocolate, etc. Snowball effect sometimes sucks. 


^I guess this would be the before picture. Found the most unflattering one from the Big Sur Marathon, HAHAHA. 

Anyways, for me, it’s not really about being super skinny. I’m pretty sure I would just be tired all the time. It’s about being a bit lighter and stronger so I can kill it in the longer distance races. I realized that the 25-29 age division is a lot tougher and faster than 20-24. And guess what… they get even faster in the 30’s! I’m trying not to fall behind, so I need to look at all areas of my life to make sure my performance gets better, not just having good workouts. 

So I weight myself last week and saw that I was more than 12 pounds lighter than my heaviest (same as this morning). 


^Dirty mirror. Whoops.

Another awesome thing… I covered 64.8 miles (most of it outside!)… in one freaking week. Dunno how that happened. Usually I would be able to know that I did too many miles because my ITB would be screaming. Well, technically, they were not all hard runs. A lot of them was just walking my dog around my hilly neighborhood or alternating jogging and running. 

Now do YOU need to be running that much to lose weight? HECK NO. Just make little decisions each day and get there slowly with small victories. 

Don’t ever be starving… I was never feeling starved during the last few weeks as the weight came off (probably because what I cut out are extra foods like some desserts, as well as the late-night eating). 

For me, keeping a routine is also helpful. In the morning, I eat two slices of toast with PB or almond butter on them, and sliced banana on top. Boom. No fuss, no thinking. Breakfast is served. Oh, and coffee, of course. 

As far as lunch and dinner, I just try to make them colorful and full of mostly veggies. Even when we went to Reno about two weeks ago, I lost two pounds (despite the major food-eating and buffeting we did!). Fill up with veggies, folks. You’ll be full and you’ll poop super easily. 

Snacks I love involve fruit, and also a boiled egg with some Sriracha sauce. Keep it simple and easy to eat. 


Those are just some little tips I picked up while shedding 12.5 pounds. I’d love to get ripped abs, but I know that means I have to start getting more strict with what I eat or don’t eat. Don’t know if I should ever get really strict. 

[Disclaimer: I am not a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, or dietitian. I am simply sharing from my own experiences and knowledge. Always consult your physician before starting a new activity or changing your diet!]

Anywho, do you have any simple and easy weight loss tips you want to add?

Are you a scale-avoider (as I used to be)?

20 responses to “How I Lost 10+ Pounds

  1. You look great Michelle! My auntie always talks about being lighter to be faster. You runners 😛 anyway kudos to all your achievements!

  2. Great job, and great advice! I actually weigh in daily, I feel that it helps me stay accountable in some ways. I’m trying to lose weight (binge eater here too…) I’m down 26 lbs now, and slowly but surely will reach my goal which is not number based. It’s healthy, fit, and happy based. My running took major hit when I packed on the lbs and got to my highest weight in February. No bueno. cheers to happy, healthy running!

  3. I’m a scale avoider because I have had eating disorders for 20 years. I can never hit the weight I want and it sends me into an unhealthy spiral. Also, it is a very depressing way to start the day when your mood is dictate by numbers

    • Yup, I used to be obsessed with numbers (numbers on scale, number of calories consumed, number of calories burned, etc). It’s odd that I’ve been okay with a “high” number… One that would have sent me down that same spiral you talked about. Thank you for sharing!

  4. By the way, I’ve been thinking about using an exercise CD such as Insanity or P90X. If you have one of these, do you mind if I can borrow it if you’re not using it?

  5. I can’t imagine burning 1500 calories in one run! That is so intense, and would probably involve me running way faster than my like 12 minute mile pace. One day… You look great! It’s amazing how beneficial it can be to just not have 5 late night snacks. What’s even better is that you did it the healthy way!

    how be

    • Yeah, those long runs are crazy calorie burners (which is why I end up ravenous during marathon training… which is why I put on weight often times). Yes, just taking out those late night snacks made a HUGE impact!

  6. You look AWESOME!! I have another 10 lbs that I am wrestling with getting off. I have lost 77 total, but those last 10 are lingering about. This was definitely encouraging though! Thanks so much.

    • Good LORD! Congrats on the 77 pounds lost so far! That’s really amazing and I’m glad you are still keeping up with the weight loss (even if it has temporarily plateaued, which means your body has adapted to a fitter lifestyle!) 😀

  7. I just found your blog today and absolutely love it!
    What a great post this is and I think you look incredible in all of your pictures! Happy running!

  8. Woohoo you look great! I’m on my way to losing 10-15 lbs as well, you are part of my inspiration 😉 The fabulous thing is before I even read this post I was doing pretty much every tip you wrote. Veggies are KEY! I love them haha. I definitely don’t think you should get to strict about your diet! If you ever do want to get totally ripped abs you could work on it and keep em only for a little while (like before a major race–ab muscles are pretty good to have) But constantly worrying about or striving to have bulging stomach muscles doesn’t seem like fun 😛 That’s my opinion hehe. Anyway, you look great and this is a very good post. Have a great day! Happy Running! =)

    • Your words are so encouraging! And I agree about the abs thing. Haha I’m no fitness model, so it’s not necessary. I’m hoping to have them temporarily and will take a bunch of pictures so I can look back and know that I had them at some point (and achieved a goal). And it’s fantastic that you lost all that weight the healthy way! Woo hoo 😀

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