Pyramid Run

Have you ever done a pyramid run?

You basically start out at an easy pace, speed up and run the fastest in the middle, then let the speed settle back down toward the end.

(First couple miles were warm-up)

Mile 1: 8:46

Mile 2: 8:45

Mile 3: 8:33

Mile 4: 8:10

Mile 5: 7:56

Mile 6: 7:57

Mile 7: 8:13

Mile 8: 8:22

Mile 8.5: 8:43

How’s that for a pyramid run? Not bad, yeah? 8.5 miles done. Felt so great after because only the middle part was tougher. The rest was relaxed and easy.

And there was a total of 0.75 mile walking to and from the Los Gatos Creek Trail (LGCT). I’ve decided I’d do some kind of run on this trail every Wednesday because it’s pretty darn flat and the guys play basketball at our church Wednesday nights (super close to our church).


This morning, I woke up at 5 am. Why in the heck would I do such a thing when it is not for a weekend race? Because I wanted to check out the Baylands Trail that some RA’s run regularly.




Beautiful, yeah?

By looking at the pictures, I knew I wanted to check out this trail. So I met up with these guys and they showed me the trail, along with the hilltop finish.



Chad provided coconut water and chocolate milk for us to refuel after the run!


(BTW, photo-cred to Chad on a couple of these pictures).

Luckily, everyone wanted to take it easy. They were rather coming off of a tough race (like SFM) from the weekend or getting ready for another one this coming weekend.

I needed to take it easy because of my awesome pyramid run last night, as well as another workout this evening. The Running Addicts Thursday night track session is tonight! I won’t be going all-out… as I will probably burn out in a week if I keep up this crazy running schedule.

It has been a while since I have done a two-a-day. Hope it goes well and I don’t break.


Most of my blog posts have been like a glorified workout log. Don’t worry. We have a church retreat this weekend and I think I’ll be able to gain some insight and have my eyes opened to a lot of more meaningful things!

Have a blessed Thursday!

Ever done a pyramid workout/run?

What kind of surface is your favorite? Pavement/treadmill/gravel/dirt? (I like dirt trails).


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