Progressing, and Listen to Your Body

Yesterday was a two-a-day. I haven’t done that in a while, so I decided to listen carefully to my body. I had a nice pyramid run on Wednesday, so I took it really easy yesterday morning.

When it came to doing the track workout with the Running Addicts, which was going to be 10 x 400’s, I decided to still take it easy on the 400’s. I ran with Marcia, and I’m so glad I did because I got to learn a lot about her, as well as have a nice run without killing my legs.

As I’m increasing the intensity of  certain runs, or the number of miles, I am trying to be aware and hyper-vigilant of any aches or pains that might be there. Anyways…

We all wore our Lululemon outfits from the SFM (these photo creds go to Linh)!

track ra

^I love how colorful we are!

After the 400’s, we did some other group shots:

track ra2

track ra3

^Were we supposed to jump or do a squat? Or maybe Jesi is doing an airsquat by himself?

At the end of the track workout, I led a pilates-for-butt-and-hips workout, as well as some core work. It was short, sweet, and burned our butts/hips like crazy!

track ra5

track ra1

And I took a picture of Amy taking a picture of me, haha:


track ra4


My progress for one of my summer goals (taken pretty much right after the core work that I led!):


I think it’s coming along okay…



My thunder thighs remain thunderous. Nice 🙂

Don’t worry. If you find good lighting and pose while flexin’ your abs, you’ll see some thangs. It will be nice. It’s what I do all day.

Just kidding. I run all day.


Speaking of running, I will be doing an easy trail run/hike today. My legs aren’t feeling FRESH, so I’m not going to go crazy. Tomorrow is a rest day (retreat in Santa Cruz with my church homies!). If I can fit in a run on Sunday after service, you bet I will.

How are you progressing with your summer goals (if you made some)?

Are your workouts planned & scheduled, or do you decide what you want to do day-of?

3 responses to “Progressing, and Listen to Your Body

  1. So fun that you have a running group! Even though I’d feel intimidated doing long runs with other people, I think it would make the kind of exercises you mentioned a lot more fun! I love, love, love Pilates and if you keep doing that (and running of course) I’m sure you will reach all of your core dreams, haha.

    • I actually felt the same way before going on long runs or track workouts with these super fast folks, but they not only made me feel really welcome, there are so many with varying abilities and speeds (whoa. Run-on sentence, haha). It’s nice that we can buddy up with someone in the group who runs a similar pace. Totally makes these runs really fun!

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