Summertime Means…

Short post.

Summertime has been letting me trail run a bunch, but also do other fun things… like going to the park for a barbecue with the church folks!


I apparently love corn in all forms (half the plate is Pirate’s Booty). Corn in summer=awesomes:


I also strategically placed myself next to this thing of beauty (another summertime favorite… WATERMELON!):


And then Tammy was so smart in bringing ice cream and cinnamon and sugar pita chips!


Addicting combo. Beware if you have a summertime slimming goal!


Yesterday was a rest day. Today, I decided to go swimming because it was getting stinkin’ hot around noon!


I will be taking advantage of our pool in the summer. I did 50 minutes today. Details some other day. I gotta go to work now!


What are some of your favorite summertime foods/activities?

2 responses to “Summertime Means…

  1. Camping!!!! Although we did not go for our annual camping trip this past long weekend. Bummer, but I did the Spartan race instead, and then just took it easy at home for once!
    I also LOVE watermelon!

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