4th of July Runs

Happy Independence Day, everyone! 

Yesterday, the Running Addicts had a track workout as a Pre-July 4th tRAck run. We met at Homestead, and since it was super hot, I anticipated super slow paces for my 800’s. I got out there a bit earlier and put in some slow warm-up laps before everyone arrived. Total warm-up was around 3.8 miles. Even if it was too long, I didn’t mind… I was kind of laying around all day and feeling antsy to sweat!

The workout was 4 x 800’s with 2 min RI. Hmm… 800’s. I knew I was already mentally stronger than a couple months ago. Instead of freaking out (haha… or overthinking and dread) about having to do 4 of them, I just took them one by one. 

I tried to keep up with Gloria for all of them… I felt okay with the first two. I guess I went too hard on the 3rd one because there was no fourth one. Hah!

Instead, the 4th one just became a jog and a 400. Oh, well. Better than nothing. 

Here are some pictures that Linh/Jesi took during the FitCamp portion. I led everyone through a quick Plyo routine. 


Hahaha, jump training right after a track run is just MEAN… but they all wanted the hard stuff!

I was going to take them through a lot of the Insanity-type ab workouts, but I was pooped! So we did some other cool things, like the Superman:


And sitting.


It was such a nice run, and I’m so glad I have this group to run with for track runs. I would totally  not be out on a track without them!



After the run, I showered, went to church, and watched Joe and the guys play some basketball. Afterwards, we went to my home in one car and played with Vanna for a long time. Then Joe took my car home.

I had him do that on purpose because I wanted to run to his house this morning and see how far it was.

Oh, and I wasn’t just going to go locally… I was going to include the freaking mountain trails along the way!

It started off from my home (in a mountain-y area), then coming down and running through the residential area.


I turned left on Prospect, and right after the railroad, the very beginning of the trail begins:


^That is also going through some of the nice residential areas of Parker Ranch. Swit houses. Super swit. What’s NOT so swit? This big humongous hill:


The hill is actually so big that it hid the second half of the hill (the little dent is the halfway mark… I think. It’s steep, but you’ll get over it if you just take one step at a time.


The only thing is… you might reach the top and end up looking like this:


There were a lot of parts with shade, but the heat was still kind of crazies. When I was in the sunny areas with no shade, I just jogged slowly or walked. No point in passing out on a trail on the 4th of July. 



The trails connected to the Stevens Creek County Park, which I’ve run a few years ago, so I just followed the signs to get there: 


Finally got down to where it’s pretty flat and enjoyed the jog so much!


I reached civilization once again, and felt super drained. I didn’t eat breakfast in the morning because I was in a rush to get out the door, knowing that the longer I took to leave for the run, the hotter it would be when I finished. I ended up getting a side stitch, something I haven’t experienced in like 4 years, haha. I just walked and took it easy when the pain built up. When it subsided, I increased to a jog. Maybe I’ll also bring some electrolytes on a hot run like this!

Anyways, I forgot about this nice highway overpass:


^The bridge cost a whole bunch of monies for the city, so might as well try to enjoy it and run on it all the time.


I passed by Homestead High, where we did the tRAck workout yesterday… and then a little while later, I made it to Joe’s place. 

2h 20 min, 12.75 miles.  

Would I do it again? Sure, for fun. Maybe when it’s cooler… so I won’t be in a rush and skip breakfast. It was fun and an interesting way to go to Joe’s. 


Anyone who ran a July 4th race this morning?

Do you walk/run/bike to work/school?

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