I Hecka Tripped

[“Hecka”= Californian term for “hella”… I guess]

[Also, if you’re squeamish about blood and nastiness, you might not want to read to the end of the post!]

Here is what the trail to Joe’s house looked like:


Pretty fun. My legs got a lot of rest yesterday, so this morning, I was planning on doing some trail running with a lot of rolling hills.

It was actually much cooler today than it has been for the last week or two, so I got to take my time. Ate my usual breakfast of toast, 2 generous tbsp of peanut butter, and a big banana:


I started out at a part of the beginning/still-residential parts of the Fremont Older Open space trail:


I went on some trails that I have been on only once or twice:


The only thing that super duper sucked was that my left knee became sore every time I went down the hills. I decided to just walk slowly down the hills and then run when it went uphill. My knee was totally fine on the uphills.

So as the pictures show, it was quite sunny (but luckily, not too hot). Well even though I was wearing my sunglasses, I should have worn my visor, too… and here’s why:


My sweaty cheeks were reflecting off of the sunglasses, creating a glare… and in that glare was a big ROOT. I tripped over said root and went flying forward a couple feet. I slid a foot or two (which I think is supposed to be good? Or is that only in basketball?). While on the ground, I took a full two seconds to do a quick scan of my body. “Nothing is broken. Hallelujah!

Even as I stood up slowly, I kept scanning for signs of bad injuries or tears. Luckily, I just got some skin shaved off. My hands got a bit torn up and one of my forearms is scraped. My right knee is obviously the worst because a lot of skin got torn off…

If I was five, I would have clutched my knee, cried, and my dad would have carried me the rest of the way.

Since I am 25 and still had about 3 miles to go, I just walked back towards my car. Then when I felt like the blood was dry enough, I jogged/ran the rest of the way (oddly enough, my left knee was no longer sore, haha).

What is the lesson in all of this?

Wear sunglasses (for protecting the eyeballs from UV rays) AND wear a visor (so that the glare or other things don’t trip you up).

And as you should always be doing (or NOT doing), try not to listen to music or text or take pictures or be on the phone while trail running. This fall was luckily not too bad… but other ones where you fall into poison oak or down a mountain-side… it will probably ruin your day.


Have you ever tripped and fallen on a run? [I think this was my first one. Luckily, it wasn’t too bad. Skin heals pretty fast… right?]

What do you wear when you run on a sunny day? Sunglasses? Hat? Both? None?

11 responses to “I Hecka Tripped

  1. Oh no! I hope you heal quickly. I tripped and fell on the bridge when I was pacing in SF a few weeks ago (I tripped on a pothole while I was checking my watch). The last 4 miles were really painful and my road rash is finally clearing up.

  2. That trail looks “hecka” cool!! I heart trail running!
    Luckily I have yet to actually trip over something and connect to the ground (with my knee’s) I just look like a fool trying to recover, hopefully you heel up quick!

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  4. 😦 That’s one reason I don’t trail run much. I like to zone out sometimes when I run, and with trails you have to be so attentive.

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