Kickball Tournament

Got to re-live the 5th grade days yesterday. There were three churches out at Del Mar High School for a kickball tournament yesterday! Our church was the underdog… in that no one practiced at all, hahaha. There were only a couple people who knew how to kick or where to throw the ball. We also learned the rules of the game as we went along. It was super fun šŸ˜€


I decided to be a Garmin geekoid and wear my Garmin Forerunner 405 during all of the games to see how much ground was covered. I may have left it on while walking to a far-away bathroom, too.

3.77 miles…Ā in 4h 16 min, hahaha.

This was the only amount of running (from base-to-base) I was able to do with my knee cut… it’s in kind of a sucky spot and after the whole day of kickball, it got pretty swollen. It was swollen enough to make we walk funny… which means I probably can’t run on it yet. DARNSIT.

Anywho, I had some lucky kicks that let me at least run onto first base. Then some other kicks that went right into the hands of a cute third baseman (EUGENIAAAA). Kicking… is not my thing, I guess.

As far as catching, I got one good catch. Two almost-catches… which doesn’t mean anything… except the other team got to run around a bunch. Anywho, it was so much fun for us to be out there and to play like kids again.

We actually playedĀ 6 games!Ā Isn’t that crazy? But the time went by relatively fast. Being out in the sun from 8am to almost 5 pm meantĀ reapplying sunblockĀ throughout the day. One application does not cover your for the whole day in the sun, people. Let’s be smart, now, yeah?

Okay… so our team got SECOND PLACE! Isn’t that cool? It was nice to tell Joe that we were going to the championships (even though there were only four teams out there). Thought we couldn’t get anything going for us in the championship game, it was still a whole lot of fun, with lots of cheering and laughing and SMILES. It’s not like this is my sport!


After the kickball tournament, my family and I went out toĀ TurmericĀ to celebrate a whole mess of things (Belated Father’s Day, Mom’s birthday, and Michael’s birthday). We had to consolidate things because of busy schedules.

Anywho, I LOVE this place (Joe and I go thereĀ at leastĀ every other week). They totally recognize us whenever we go in šŸ˜‰


Blurry family picture:


And a picture with my and my mama:


[Remember how she broke her arm not too long ago? And how there was a big wave of minor and big injuries going through our household? Well I guess me tripping was the “injury” that hit me… glad it’s minor.]

Anyways, we each had two rounds and left with full bellies. Dropped by atĀ Philz CoffeeĀ for some after-dinner yumminess (got the Sumatra, which was decaf).

Then I watched Joe play with Vanna for about 30 minutes. I LOVE to watch how he plays with her because… it’s just hilarious and they are so cute when they play :). I try to play like that, but she generally prefers to just lick my legs and cuddle with me (unless Joe is there… in which case she kind of forgets about me).


Today, since I shouldn’t be doing any running, I will work my upper body (P90X Shoulders and Arms, maybe?).

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

What was the last sport you played in a tournament?

Are you part of a sports league?

Do you like buffets?

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