Goodness. Surprise parties are something of an art… an art which I am not familiar with. Joe pretty much figured out everything. He knew there was some kind of belated 30th birthday gathering happening for him after church.


Anyways, it was nice that everyone came over to my home to hang out and eat!



The cakes we had were ice cream Twix bar and an ice cream Oreo cake!


Probably the highlights… that and the wings (for most people). I am not a huge fan of wings… but I decided to try some of the different flavors and see what all the hubbub is about. Still don’t get it. Maybe I’m broken.


So after the crazy amount of indulging yesterday (which included some KFC chicken and a wonderfully delicious biscuit at night, hahaha), I was antsy to get my sweat on.

I haven’t really been able to do any awesome workouts or runs since last Thursday (since last Friday’s run kind of ended up getting ruined).

Since my knee cut finally got healed up enough for me to walk and move around normally, I decided to go to the gym for some cardio. I will go outside for a run tomorrow (give the knee extra time to be all good to go for an outdoor run).

I wanted to do all of the cardio machines, but I also wanted to ease into it. I decided to do 15 minutes on the stairmaster (toughest one), 30 minutes on the treadmill, and 45 minutes on the elliptical (easiest).

The treadmills were open, so I did my 30 minutes on it. 3.6 miles.

Then the elliptical for 45 minutes. I changed the incline, pedaled backwards, changed it up a bunch. The resistance was kept mostly at 11.

The stairmaster was just for 15 minutes. Level 9 for 5 minutes, then the rest was at level 10. Holy crap, I sweat so much.

It was so great to get in a nice and sweaty workout. I can’t wait to get outside for a run tomorrow. The morning is going to be pretty cool!


Ever gotten a surprise party planned for you? Were you actually surprised? [Joe planned a surprise party for my 25th birthday and I was totally surprised!]

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