It Blew My Mind

… Or to be more specific, I blew my own mind… with THIS:



I love quinoa salads from all sorts of places… and I realized that it is waaaay more economical for me to make a huge batch for myself than to keep buying little bits of it at the deli.

For the quinoa, I just followed the instructions (super simple, people!). Instead of 1:2 parts quinoa-to-water ratio, I just did 1:1:1 of quinoa:water:ginseng date tea. Yeah. It was ginseng-and-date-infused quinoa! (You can cook grains with tea if you like subtle tea flavor… I love every tea out there, so I would be willing to do this with any tea).

I had the butternut squash roasting in the oven (had some honey and random herbs and spices added to it).

Then I steamed the asparagus, halved the grapes, and added some nuts and raisins from my TJ’s Trail Mix (the simple, raw one).

When it all got mixed up and cooled a bit, I added Flax Oil (Omega-3’s!), lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, a tiny bit of raspberry walnut dressing, and a butt-load of pepper.

And then my mind was blown. Makes sense, considering that I pretty much added a bunch of things I loved, hahaha.

Try it! If you like dried cranberries, feta cheese, edamame, fresh cilantro… whatever you like, just mix it all in and you’ll have several portions of this quinoa salad for lunch/dinner.


Umm, whoa, that quinoa salad is also vegetarian… or even vegan? And yet I was fully satisfied!

Satisfaction may have been from all the time I spent getting a bunch of random things to put into it. Making it with my own hands= I’ll make myself think it’s bomb… except this time, it actually was bomb. 


I registered for a DOUBLE ROAD RACEGASP. Check out the link. It’s in San Jose and it starts with a 10K, a little halftime, and then a 5K.

Those are both distances I hate… or just distances that I do not know how to race. I hope to at least PR on the 10K. Anything goes when it comes to that 5K.

I’ll have to talk to my racing buddies in the Running Addicts to learn what the heck I’m supposed to do to run those races. Before my first 5K last year, I didn’t even warm up. Well, I guess I warmed up during the race, and then I raced the 0.1 to the finish. Probably not how it’s supposed to be done.

It will also be the first time I do two races in one day! I’m so excited for it 😀


Planned on going out early for a run, but I forgot to set my alarm and slept in.

Maybe I’ll go out for a slow, sweaty run.

Do you like to make homemade versions of things you buy at the store/order at restaurants?

Do you love quinoa/quinoa salads like I do?

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