The Hardest 2.5 Minutes

Yesterday’s workout was tough because I started the run around 11:30am. It was already really hot, so I wanted to keep the pace SLOOOOOW. Between 8:45 and 9:00 sounded good. 

I first started around the Los Gatos High School area of the LGCT and headed toward Campbell. It is a tiny, steady downhill and then I turned back around and came back up. 

8.55 miles of slow, super sweating, and seeing an RA (Marie!) out there running at a much faster pace. She asked, “You doing heat training, too??” 

I answered, “Yes!” Even though it wasn’t an intended heat training run… I was just lazy all morning and took a long time to finally get my butt out there, haha. 

I wanted to add on some more miles, so I alternated jogging and hiking toward the dirt trails, running toward Lexington Reservoir. Since I didn’t want to be dumb and trip again, I made sure to slow down a whole bunch in the rocky, roots-sticking-out-of-the-ground areas. 

Feeling so freaking depleted, I got back to the car and was SURE it was around 90 degrees. Turns out, it was more like 83 or 84 degrees. Still… I knew I needed to rehydrate right away when I got back home. 


Image So simple. I just do some Naked green juice (gotta love them CARBS!) and water, and a scoop of protein. I got that bag for $14 at Sprouts. It is 15 servings… not bad, I guess. I didn’t do any research on that one, I just happen to see it, saw there was a good amount of protein for recovery, and went with it. 


This morning, I woke up and got ready for a run. Then out of nowhere, I felt like taking a Spin/Cycle class at 24 hr fitness. I REALLY wanted to do a class, checked the schedules, and saw that I would be able to make it in time for the 9:00am class. 

Got there the bit early, warmed up for an extra 10 minutes, and then went through the 1-hour class… good, gravy. I forgot how hard a Spin class could be!!! There were segments when we were climbing for 10 minutes, and she would say near the end, “Just 2.5 minutes until you’re at the top!” And I would have to keep focused and strong to finish that 2.5 minutes. Getting to the top of that “hill” was awesome. 

Then the instructor would add, “By the way, hills are rarely just 10 minutes. If you’re riding in big competitions, those hills can go for an hour or two…”

SAY WHAT…” I thought. 

After 70 minutes of being on the spin bike, I had a big puddle under the bike. Dang. I’m a disgustingly heavy sweat-er. Then I went to the treadmill to bust out a 30-minute run. 3.65 miles

The last 2.5 minutes of the run was also hard because I suddenly got a side stitch! Geeeez. I guess it’s something about hydration or not enough electrolytes?… which makes sense because I probably lost it all by creating that puddle in the spin class. I held on, almost giving up a couple times. I knew I wasn’t in big trouble and the pain would be over soon. I’ve never seen 60 seconds chug along so slowly!


Hydrated the same way after gym this morning:


So easy and delicious. If I’m a bit more patient, I will take the extra 1 minute to put it all in a blender with some ice. 


This will be my lunch today:


(IG: meeshelkim)


I’ve been enjoying the summer and love doing my own thing (while working part time), but I have been feeling a bit of emptiness. 

This emptiness can be filled with the Word of God, and so I will be continuing my John study this lovely afternoon 🙂

Then, I’ll go in to work for a few hours in the evening. Have a happy Wednesday!


Do you regularly take Spin/Cycling classes? 

If you take Spin/Cycle, do you have those cycle shoes that attach to the bike? (I do not, so I can’t take advantage of the “pulling” action… or whatever it’s called). 

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