The Forgotten Workout

OMG! Yesterday was so much fun!

I got to hang out with these beauties after work:

20130711_142925 20130711_145254 20130711_145118


(Instagram: meeshelkim)

We met at Valley Fair and just walked around, going to stores like Disney and the Lego Store so the little ones could be entertained. It’s so fun to watch them play 😀

Didn’t actually buy anything at the mall. Just window shopped and looked around. It was mostly to catch up with the girls. I love hanging out with all of them!


There was a bit of time for me to get dressed and then I headed out to the track with Esther for the tRAck run with the Running Addicts! Per usual, all of these awesome tRAck photo creds go to Linh 🙂

tRAck 5

I told Esther that we could take it easy for this one (she is a tRAck noob… but starting next week, we’ll be trying the Rx’d workouts, hehe).

The strides after the w/u, before the intervals, were super fun:

tRAck 6

Then the intervals began… and we ended up keeping it easy and just running ovals with big smiles:

tRAck 4

^(Darnsit. Still heel-striking I guess).

You know you’re not doing a speed workout if you look this happy:

tRAck 7

I ended up doing 4.5 miles easy running (except I turned off my Garmin and forgot to turn it on for part of it. Whoops).

After the intervals were done (and some people KILLED it out there with the Rx’d intervals: 1200m, 1000m, 800m, 600m, each with 200m rest), I led a shortish pilates power routine. We used resistance band thingies/small towel:

tRAck 3

tRAck 8

I kind of forgot how hard the core segment could be. My abs were BURNING.

Then we were led through some nice stretches by Joseph:

tRAck 2


Now to the forgotten workout….

Don’t know how it happened, but I actually did an unintended two-a-day yesterday.

My dog was barking around 4:00 am. I couldn’t fall back asleep after like 40 minutes, so I just go up and decided to go to the gym.

The Spin class was full already (they have a really early morning class), so I went on the Stairmaster.

Stairmaster PR: 65 minutes. Boom.

Not only that, here is how the workout went… 15 minutes w/u, increasing from level 8 to 10 every five minutes. Then I did 30 seconds at a fast pace and a 2-minute recovery

Those fast pace 30-second ones started out from level 15, but as a few intervals went by, I decided to be brave and increase it. I was planning on doing these 2.5-minute sprint-recovery intervals for 30 minutes, so I did LEVEL 20 in that last one… and then I added two more intervals at LEVEL 20 (also a Stairmaster PR).

Level 20 just feels like your running (/sprinting?) up the stairs, being chased by a vicious chihuahua. But I just had to think, “It’s only 30 seconds. You can freaking do anything for 30 seconds.”

And those 2-minute recoveries are something crazy… you can be dead tired right after the sprint portion, and think, “I’m done. That’s it. No more.” But by the end of the recovery, you’re feeling good enough for the new round. I have to give myself a long recovery for the stairmaster because… it’s freaking hard!

35 minutes of intervals (14 intervals total). It was an amazing workout!

I cooled down on the Spin bike for 15 minutes.


And then I got the heck out of there.

I think when I went home and took a shower before work, I completely forgot about that workout… until last night when Vanna started barking.


Have you ever accidentally done a two-a-day?

Have you ever forgotten a workout? [Pretty sure I’m alone on this one, haha]

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