2:05 Pacer for Jungle Run Half Marathon 2013

Yesterday was my 4th time pacing a half marathon. If you don’t know, half marathon is my favorite distance to race (even though I haven’t raced since RNR Half San Jose, which was last October!). 

For this race, I was sure I could get super close to 2:05 because I was familiar with the course, plus the finish area was visible from a distance where I could adjust my speed as necessarily. 

Let’s back up a bit to how I became familiar…


My younger brother was about to turn 22, or something. I found a race that was just a couple days before his birthday, called the JUNGLE RUN. I said, “Hey, Michael, you want to run a half marathon a couple days before your birthday? What better way to celebrate a joyful and healthy life than to run and finish a half?” Or something like that. 

And after bit more persuasion, he signed up. And we trained… ONCE. Maybe twice. He was busy playing basketball, and our only long run was perhaps 8 miles. Anyways, even with a nice bathroom break in the middle of the race (his sister forgot to remind him to drop a bomb in the morning before the race), he KILLED it and we finished in 1:58.

Running the race with him was so much fun and I was incredibly proud of him 😀


Anyways, he turned 24 on Saturday and we ate a whole bunch at Hot Pot City:


So with all that fuel from the night before, I was ready to go, and so were the other Running Addicts:

Image (These photo creds go to Linh and Tammy)

I got to run the race with an experienced pacer, Ben!


And there were lots of high-fives and smiles to go around:


During the race, we got to meet some awesome people. This is Scarlet, and she was running her 4th(?) half. Her PR was 2:14, but by the way that she was happily chatting with us, I could tell she was going to set a crazy new PR!


Finding out that we’re ahead of pace is always tough. It’s kind of hard when the mile markers are off, too. In the end, we were able to adjust speed as necessary (though perhaps not the most even pacing near the end), and finish super close to our pace time:



^(Hahaha, trying to adjust the exposure made it look all statue-y). 

Boom. 2 seconds over. Not bad:


And Scarlet PR’d by 8 minutes 😀


Our fellow Running Addicts did an amazing job with pacing (per usuals), as well as our RAcers!:



It is always a pleasure and an honor to pace and run races with these folks (RUNNERS). I love the race atmosphere, I love how people will do such crazy things to achieve something grand (training for several weeks, waking up super early on a Sunday morning, covering 13.1 miles by foot…). It doesn’t really make sense to non-racers until they cross that finish line. 

Anywho, I hope everyone enjoyed the race/pace morning (which was freaking gorgeous and perfect, btw), and had a nice relaxing day yesterday 🙂

Image ^(It was cool and not too sunny for the first half of the race, and sunny and warm when we finished!). 

Who ran a race yesterday?

Ever run a whole race with a first-time racer? (I ran a half with Michael and a half with Esther. Hope to add some more names to that list ;D)

7 responses to “2:05 Pacer for Jungle Run Half Marathon 2013

  1. You should come pace the lululemon half marathon in Vancouver:P not like I would be able to keep up, but! It would be fun to try:)

  2. It’s meeee! Lol I loved reading about our race on your blog and I enjoyed running with you and Ben 🙂 Thanks again for the awesome pacing and I hope to run with you again sometime.


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