How I Deal with Fat Days

I don’t know about you, but when I pig out just a couple days in a row, I end up getting super bloated and feeling… quite uncomfortable with all of the extra fluff.

In the past, when I was feeling this way (or what many call “fat days”… even though some really don’t like to use that term), I would do something weird: console myself with food. HAHAHA… yeah, it would just make things worse and worse. Or sometimes try to eat super duper little to make up for it. That would end up making me stuff my face later.

Anyways, I learned that the best thing to do is just get back to eating normally. So even though I was feeling extra chunky, I did not skimp on my extra chunky PB for my usual toast with PB and a banana:


^(repeat picture from old post… not featuring the super chunky PB I used this morning… not that you don’t know what toast with PB looks like :P)

I went with a TJ’s salad and a Greek yogurt for lunch because there is one close to my work. Good amount of protein and fiber in that meal.

Drinking lots of water throughout the day made me feel better (though it came with a couple extra trips to the bathroom).

Another thing I try to do when I am having a “fat day” is SWEAT.

Best way to sweat? Run up a big hill:


Right after work, I headed to Rancho San Antonio for a trail run (it is less than ten minutes away from that work location!).

I did five miles on my own before a meet up with the Running Addicts at 5:00pm.

It was mostly flat where I ran: 8:37, 8:55, 8:19, 8:10, 8:29. Whoops. It should have been a slower warm-up. Oh, well.

Then with the RA’s I did another 7, which included the big hill.

If you want to get faster, run with people who are faster and fitter that you. Linh and Gloria were keeping a pretty challenging pace for me (if I did it by myself, it would have been maybe 11:00 or 11:15 on the uphill running). Those uphill miles: 10:15, 10:26, 10:31. Maybe more so the last two… which were probably all a fantastical uphill.

Going downhill was awesome. We just talked the whole time and let gravity bring us back to the parking lot. No work there, haha.

Linh and Amy brought some super delicious fruit. An orange never tasted so good until eating it after a trail run!


Even though I was not feeling so great physically, I tried not to let it ruin my whole day.

I used to let “fat days” get me down and I’d go about the entire day with a dark and gloomy cloud over my head.

Today? I still smiled, thanked God that I could enjoy the sunshine, each yummy food, play with Vanna, go to a job I love, and run!

Here’s what I made in work today:

20130716_134327 20130716_132830

(PUZZLES! They are for kids who shut down when you pull out a book for them to read. Though they can read a sentence, the book anxiety makes them shut down and unable to even attempt reading from a page in the book. This puzzle is a way to get them to read a sentence without becoming anxious about the book aspect. My job is freaking interesting and I love it).

Main point: Yes, everyone has those super-fluffy-my-pants-don’t-fit-well days… but in the grand scheme of things, WHO CARES. Just do the little things you gotta do to feel better (eat clean, drink water, exercise), and then go about the rest of your day with JOY and SMILES. That way, you will be less stressed—> no stress eating. Eventually, the bloat will come down (I think).

[Disclaimer: I’m sure you know, but I’m no registered dietitian or certified trainer. Be sure to check with your doc before you try to run up a huge hill or take on new activities or change your diet].


What do you do after a few too many days of indulging? Any tips to add?

Do you LOVE your job?

2 responses to “How I Deal with Fat Days

  1. I hate having fat days. Those days come around when my family wants to cookout and though I am better at handling food and controlling myself…I still splurge to keep my sanity 🙂 I usually end up working out super hard the next day and then I feel better.

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