How to Ruin Your Easy Run

Yesterday, I went to the mall with my mom. She was in there to buy new shoes for work. I had nothing to buy, so I just followed her, carried her bags, and told her she looked pretty (my dad’s job?).

Since I was so good, she asked me if I wanted anything. “RUNNING SHOES.” I blurted. That’s pretty much almost always what I want, haha.

Road Runner Sport was nearby so that’s where we went. I knew exactly what I wanted… the Mizuno Wave Sayonara:


Aren’t they preeeetty??? Actually, I had no choice in color. Those were the only ones available, haha. And you’re probably wondering where I got those extremely sexy white socks. Pretty sure they belong to Michael because they were too big for me.

To break them in, I was going to do 4 easy miles on them around Ortega Park. This was while the mister was shootin’ around:


^He had some weird angry blue steel thing going on because kids were messin’ around on the court and not even playing a real game.

Anywho, I just ran in circles around the whole park (each lap was around 0.70 mile). I intended to keep my pace around 9:30 or something similar to a W/U pace.

To keep this long story short, here’s how the miles splits turned out: 8:53, 8:30, 8:03, 7:09.

Yeah. So how do you ruin an easy run? BUY NEW SHOES and run while you’re super excited to run in them.

Actually, when I finished the second mile, I had a quick thought: “Wouldn’t it be funny if this easy run turned into an unintended progression run?” Self-fulfilling prophecy? Who knows. But that’s what happened.



Here’s something I was super happy about yesterday: I ran a 7:09 in the fourth mile and it did NOT feel like a 7:09.

For me, running anything under 8:00 is pretty freaking uncomfortable. Not sure what it was yesterday. Perhaps it’s because I was fueled and hydrated properly? My actual running fitness has improved? The tRAck sessions (even when I don’t really stick to the Rx’d runs) have helped me run faster?

Or it may actually just have been about the freaking shoes. In any case, I am going to try to see if I can still run under 1:50 in the half (Aug 3rd, Summer Breeze). I haven’t actually raced a half in a long time. Not really going for a PR, but I want it to be a check-in race to see where I am. Then I will be able to set a realistic goal for the San Jose RnR Half (pretty much the only half marathon I race each year).

Getting my mind into race-mode… it feels like I haven’t done that in a long time. Anywho, I can’t wait 😀


When was the last time your effort/RPE did not seem as high as the fast pace you were running? (Poorly-worded questions… Bonus points if you get what I mean).

When is your next race? Do you do things differently when you switch from normal-running mode to racing mode?

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