3 x 3 Hill Repeats + a Bonus

One of the best ways to see obvious progress in your running is by running hills. 

[Disclaimer: I am not a certified personal trainer. Don’t go off and running big ol’ hills because some girl with thunder thighs loves to do it. Check with your physician before any new activities, especially if the couch has been your best friend for the past few years]

I live in the hills of Saratoga (or perhaps the mountains. I don’t know). I used to HATE the fact that we lived there, tucked away behind a bunch of trees, with gigantic hills all around us. 

Now? I freaking love my home for exactly those reasons. C’mon middle school Michelle… stop complaining about everything and see how freaking blessed you are!

I love the Wave Sayonaras (MIZUNO) so much, and I wanted to try some kind of speed workout with them. Being too lazy to drive to a track (hah, yes runners get lazy about certain things), I decided to do a warm up and then do some hill repeats. Warm-up was done with this gal:


^Must be a bad angle… she’s looking awfully porky in this picture, haha. 

Anywho, we did 1.5 miles hiking around the neighborhood. It got me good and warm (though when we got back, I was tempted to just call it a rest day and NOT go out for the hill repeats… but I bucked up and did it anyways). 

I decided I would attempt to do three hill repeats on three different hills. These are hills that have been my downfall a few years back. I would curse the hill as I power-walked up it and wonder why the heck that stretch of uphill lasted an eternity. And then there was another big hill. And then another. 

My home is placed atop a series of hills, haha. 

Anyways, the first one I did was only about 0.12 mile long (SHORT). Did that sucker three times and then made my way down for another hill, which was teeny tiny… 0.07 mile. That one was a full-on sprint all the way up for all three repeats. 

Then my last hill to run was about 0.11 mile. Three of those, and I was DONE. 

It’s funny how those hills “became” so short (though, not gonna lie, I was huffing and puffing as I got to the top of all of them!). Being that these hills were pretty short meant I had to run faster up all of them. I think I kind of did that. 

And for each of those hill repeats (9 so far), I walked down to recover. I’m telling you, that recovery is weird. I could make it to the top and think, “HOLY CRAP, I’m so tired! NO MOOORE…” And then get back to the bottom and feel completely fine, which would make me run up that stupid hill again. Oh, well. faster you conquer the hill, the sooner it will be done 😉

I jogged back toward my home, hiking up when it got steep. I was going to just hike up the whole thing as a cooldown, but I decided to throw in one more run on the first hill I was on. Boom, bonus hill run- DONE. 

Got back and went crazy taking pictures:


^(Instagram: meeshelkim

I kind of love that picture collage business. It’s so fun. All of my IG pics end up looking the same but whatevers. 

Anywho, I washed up and got dressed in workout clothes again, hehehe:


Don’t you just love hanging out in workout clothes all day long?


Went to Joe’s and I let him decide what was for lunch. In-n-Out it was:


Can you tell which one is mine?

Since I had done ten hills, I didn’t want to let it all go kaput with a normal hamburger. I knew I wanted fries, so I just got the burger protein style + animal style (with both onions- raw and carmelized). Had a huge nectarine for dessert. I’m being so healthy(ish) today 🙂


Do you run hills/ hill repeats?

What part of your training is the hardest: long runs, speedwork, hill repeats, rest days?

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