I had a great day yesterday! It started off with some volunteering with my younger brother, Michael:


It was super close to where we live, and they only needed us for about an hour. It was nice to be in that sweet spot about a mile from the finish. It’s where some people are starting to give every ounce of energy to making it through the race. It’s also that magical time when they’re working so hard, they’re asking why they paid monies to run a race. 

Then we got some grub at Denny’s:

Image As the picture shows, at the top, Michael and I brunched and (apparently) really enjoyed it. Actually, I did not really brunch. I got a salad, haha. I had already eaten breakfast before our volunteering. 

And then as the bottom pictures indicate, I went to the Campbell Community track after church with Chimi to walk around the track. 

Everyone thought we were crazy because it was pretty hot outside. We walked 3.25 miles in an hour, and had great conversation! I love walking and talking 😀

Then I ended up running back to the track to truly get my sweat on. I was planning on doing super chill, easy miles. You know how that almost never happens these days…

Well I tried to just keep even effort. 1st mile: 8:35. 2nd mile: 8:20

As soon as I saw those mile splits, I immediately thought, “Okay. Instead of just easy running, I’ll do a nice pyramid run. The next mile will be a bit faster, and then I’ll slow down for the next two.” My intent was to only do five miles. 

3rd mile: 8:05. “Alrighty. Time to slow down.”

4th mile: 8:09. “… slow down more. Cooldown time, girl.”

5th mile: 8:12. 

Kind of. My pyramid run was incredibly lopsided. Oh, well. 


CONFESSION TIME [This is a life blog. A big part of my life is my faith. Even if you do not share the same faith, I hope you can gain some insight into what some Christians struggle with. Our Christian living is not all praise songs and rainbows, or sitting around judging other people, or condemning people (though some people missed the point of Jesus’ message and kind of live their lives like that. Oops, I think that’s judging)]:

Those were not my only thoughts during the run. I didn’t have music with me and I just let myself pray and listen to God. 

I kind of felt like God was telling me that I am kind of losing focus of Him and doing my own thing all the time with no care for His instructions or His plans and desires for me. I honestly have not been doing my daily devotions. If I can’t even read the Word daily, how the heck can I be reminded of how Jesus lived his life on earth and do the same thing?

OBVIOUSLY, I’m way too into myself these days. In fact, I think all of us are kind of always into ourselves, haha. I’m just going to admit it. I want the best for myself and I want to achieve it and get it done MY way

That is the essence of PRIDE and I kind of have a lot of it. So what is it that gets in the way between me and my God? Pride… or more specifically, MEI am the one who is letting myself get consumed in my own… self? I am responsible for walking away from Him and ignoring God’s commands. I did not get tricked in this case. I clearly made my own decisions… and now I see how far away I’ve gone. 

Even if it has been a month or two, one can do a lot of walking/running away in that amount of time. I need to refocus on my relationship with God. I have a lot of catching up to do. Long ways to go to rid me of myself. And I need to continually remind myself of it, otherwise, I’ll go back to my natural state: selfish and self-centered. BOOOOO.


Do you listen to music when you run? Do you listen to music when you do specific runs (long runs/speed work/easy runs)?

What are some things you think about while running solo? Or are you focused completely on your form and breathing?

2 responses to “Refocus

  1. I really love how you put your faith first. It is SO important, I’m striving to be a better person and a better Christian but it’s so hard with so many bad influences and temptations.

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