A Magic Trick

Hey! I learned a new magic trick on Tuesday.

How do you turn a normal boring hill into rolling hills?



Linh (from the Running Addicts) introduced us to this rolling hill simulation run. You just find a nice uphill and run up 0.25 mile and run back down for 0.13 mile, then back up 0.25 mile… you just repeat that until you get to the top. Linh had it calculated perfectly so that we can just continue alternating the 0.25 mile/0.13 mile down the hill (down 0.25 mile, up 0.13 mile).

I also learned how to program workouts into the Garmin. My Garmin Forerunner 405 is apparently capable of a lot more than just starting, stopping, and showing me the elevation gain/loss.

Anywho, I did 4.75 miles before our rolling hill simulation to get extra sweaty. It was NOT very fun… it just was an easy warm-up pace, but I just felt like crap.

But when the Running Addicts came and we ran together, it was SO much better. The rolling hill simulation was 7 miles. And here is all of us at the top (photo creds: Linh!):

trailrun trailrun2

I was super excited to be at the top. The workout was kind of intimidating (repeat alternating 0.25/0.13 mile THIRTEEN times)… but we all made it. Actually, some of the over-achievers put in a bunch of extra ones!

If you have flagging energy and need extra motivation and accountability, join a running group. It seriously did wonders for my running performance.

Let’s fast forward (from Tuesday) to YESTERDAY:

raplyo5 raplyo6

We were out there at the tRAck for this workout: 2 mi w/u, 1600m x 3, with 400m RI, and c/d.

Dunno if you can tell but I’ve got on those super cute, pink Mizuno Wave Sayonaras. I think they were really great for a tRAck run.

Anywho, the very first tRAck workout I went out to a couple months ago was a “one-and-done” workout where we just did a w/u and then one mile afap (as fast as possible, hehe). At that time, I was still totally not good at the whole fast running thing and my time was 7:03 or something. I mean, I don’t think I felt crappy because I probably did go all out, but I knew I was giving it good effort.

Well yesterday’s run went like this:

2.4 mile w/u (9:17 average pace).

1st 1600m: 6:53

400m rest

2nd 1600m: 7:00

400m rest

3rd 1600m: 6:50.

C/d walk.

Oh, and then we did plyo led by… some girl with thunder thighs:




Linh’s daughter, Hope, took these awesome pictures 😀

Anywho, we had awesome refreshments (homemade citrus drink), and great post-workout food (homemade banana bread! Thanks Kiyoko!):


And my workout was not done. I went straight to the gym to meet with Chimi and John!


John did his own thing and Chimi and I warmed up on the Stairmaster before a Turbo kickboxing class:


^If you can’t tell, I was on there maybe five minutes before I took this picture. That machine makes me sweat like CRAZY! I decided to stay on it a bit longer, so Chimi went in first for the class. I did 30 minutes on the Stairmaster (10 min at level 9, then 10 min at level 10, then 11).

Then 10 minutes on the rowing machine. Random, but I wanted to do something for the upper body, too.

The turbo kickboxing class was difficult in that they have pretty fancy moves and went in circles sometimes (meaning facing the sides and back of the class). I’m sure if we take it a few more times, it will bet easier. I only did like 20 minutes of it… which ended up being a cooldown (I think if I actually knew the moves, I could get a workout… but I kept missing moves and had to try to get back in the workout.


Who takes kickboxing classes? 

Do you take advantage of your GPS watch’s many functions (such as programmable workouts and such)? What kind of GPS watch do you have?

7 responses to “A Magic Trick

  1. I’m just cracking up over “Boom, Son…” Haha that’s funny 🙂 Thank you for my morning laugh. Nice to know I’m not the only woman who sweats like a beast too!

  2. That rolling hill simulation is a great idea. I love it.
    I have taken kickboxing classes before and it was fun. I would have continued except the studio I has at didn’t have any reasonable class package that I could buy.

    • Oooh, yeah. I’m sure it must have been really nice at a studio (but pricey!). And yeah, those hill simulations are awesome… and I can say that, now that I’m done with them! I kind of hated it during the run 😛

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