The RUN HOME Half Marathon

I did something cool yesterday. I created a half marathon route from Joe’s place to my place. I had to add in some extra out-and-backs, and there were several long stretches of rolling hills.

Also, though unintended, I had to make some extra pit stops. I think I ate something that did not agree with me. In any case, I made it:


If you see that greenish elevation chart on the bottom right, it is obvious that thins route had a NET UPHILL. I never realized that running from Sunnyvale to Saratoga is a gradual uphill.

Also, my intention was to “pace myself” for a 1:55 half marathon. I kind of got lost with the mile splits along the way (I was not staring at my watch all that much… I just ran by effort and feel. That’s also why the mile splits are all over the place). I gave up on the 1:55 pace until near the end, with two miles left when I realized… I was kind of right on pace.

1:55:11. Not bad. Actually, it was kind of tough near the end, but now I know why… the last two miles are just a gradual incline!

Then, I jog-walked another mile up to my home. 14.10 miles done yesterday. Nice longish run before my half marathon next week!


Today was a rest day… kinda sorta. I did an hour on our elliptical (and lost like 2 pounds of water weight through my sweat… I’m just guessing. I sweat as if I’m sitting in a mega-hot sauna).

Then I did about 45 minutes of Pilates. Man, I should really do that more often. My butt and thighs were quaking and shaking like crazy!!!

Tomorrow, if I can wake up early, will be another long run day. I’m thinking of hitting the trails for this one. I want to really get in a nice hard trail run before I go off to be a counselor at a youth retreat next week!


When I told my parents I ran home from Joe’s they said, “OMG, Meeshel, that’s too much!… How many miles is that? Like five?”

“No, a half marathon… plus another mile up as a cooldown.”


“A half marathon is thirteen-point-one miles.”


Do the members of your family run at all? If not, do they think you’re crazy when you decide to run “outrageous” distances?

Anyone who practices Pilates regularly?

2 responses to “The RUN HOME Half Marathon

  1. Your parents are too cute! They are a lot like mine. Mine are not active/fit folks either. I haven’t run a half marathon distance yet but intend to in the future. But my mom thinks running 5 or 6 miles is crazy. When I run a mile or two she’s like, “Oh, you can eat whatever you want, you did all that running today.” And I’m like “Oh, mom . .” smh. lol

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