16-Mile Trail Run

You know how I talk about running all the time and how I LAV IT? Well, there are some days when I just have an amazingly tough or crappy run and rethink my dedication to this crazy activity.

No worries though… still love it.

Yesterday, I went out to Rancho San Antonio for a long trail run. I wanted to keep it easy… but still be able to get up the mountain without stopping. Didn’t happen. Right around mile 2.5 when I started the climb, I need to take a walk break.

Okay, perhaps because it was like 11am, the trail had no shade (until I get into Black Mountain), and I was sweating like crazy… I ended up needing to take a whole bunch of walk breaks throughout the run.


^If you take a look at the elevation chart, I did not do a usual out-and-back. I ended up adding in an extra trail, which was a mistake. The Hidden Villa (I think) Trail was pretty much straight down, from mile 8.9 to 10… which meant I had to climb that crap from 10 to 11.10.

During those 15 minutes hiking up, I thought to myself, “Umm, you are crazy, lady. Why the heck would you be out here in the middle of the day, sweating like crazy, huffing and puffing away?

Then, I realized I felt so freaking alive (even though people saying they are “dying” during tough workouts, haha). Breathing hard, my heart pumping, sweating out of every pore in my body… that’s pretty much being WAY more alive than sitting in a chair watching Netflix all day. C’mon people. Get out of bed/your chair and make your body work. It is good for you, and you’ll feel more alive!

Maybe it’s also because that’s how we were made. In Genesis 2:7, it says, “Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

Something about breathing… it is how we came to be alive! And ever since you started breathing when you were born to the day you leave this Earth… you’ll never stop breathing! It also makes sense that I love trail running. All that dust… it’s a part of who we are, hehehe ;).

So my crap run still ended up being good because: A). I finished it, B). I was thankful that I could even get up and be running around on two legs with a healthy body, C). It certainly beats laying in bed for three hours.

Oh, yeah. That run took three hours.


My motto for life (God-willing, of course): “I want to LIVE to an old age, not DIE at an old age.” See the difference?

So go out there and work that body. Don’t just live life doing the whole shallow breathing thing all the time. REALLY BREATHE, make your heart do some work, and you’ll feel more full of life!

[Disclaimer: I am not a certified trainer. Always check with your physician before taking on new activities. And start slowly… don’t get all crazy and make your first run an hour long! Just build with consistency first. Then you can add more time and intensity as your body adapts]


I ate a whole bunch yesterday. It was the whole I-ran/hiked-for-three-hours-I-can-have-whatever-I-want thing.


Got a tRAck workout with the Running Addicts this evening. Might take it easy… but we’ll see how I feel after the warm up 🙂

Anyone have random long runs during the week?

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