Barre 3 Workouts are Le Crazies

Yesterday, I had two great workouts. The first one started in the morning.

I purchased membership to Barre3, which is $15 per month and offers many workout videos. You can read more about what Barre3 is right here. I want to say it’s something like ballet’s barre movements mixed with some yoga and Pilates. Lots of repetition, some that are dynamic movements and others that are teeny tiny pulsing movements.

The one I did yesterday was 55 minutes long and a new balance video. It was CRAZY tough. My legs were “quaking” (as they call it) and shaking. Holy moly!

By the end of it, I was dripping in sweat, but felt nice, long, and lean 🙂


^Repeat photo from some other crazy workout/run… but I looked the same. And I seem to really like showing off my back… even though it’s not as muscular as it used to be… it’s just kinda broad now, haha.

Anyways, the equipment they use for pretty much all of their workouts are the Barre3 core ball (I use a weighted 8-pound ball by Reebok), light hand weights (they use 1 or 2 pounds. I use 3 pounders), a mat, and a chair where the back rest comes to waist height.

Planning on doing these workouts, perhaps take a break when I get to more marathon training, and then start it back up when the weather is BLAH. Lord knows I need to get a good sweat on when things start to get wintery (except since it’s NorCal, “wintery” means it’s like 40 degrees in the early morning, and rains a few days in a row GASP).


Second workout was a completely random run around Sunnyvale (I was at Joe’s).

I planned on taking it easy… what I thought was a 9:00 pace. Turns out that anything between 8:30 and 8:45 is good enough to feel like I could hold a conversation.

Then for the later part of the run, I decided to speed it up a bit. I had negative splits, baby!

Miles 1-5 were 8:42, 8:28, 8:47, 8:32, 8:36

Miles 6-10 were 8:38, 8:34, 8:11, 7:47, 7:23

I did not feel all cruddy. I felt awesome! The only thing was that my calves were pretty tight and sore, but I think that is thanks to the Barre3 workout. There was a portion when I had to be doing little pulses in lunge position while both heels were up. YEAH, crazy, right?

Oh, yeah. So after the night and sweaty 10-miles, I did a one mile cool down jog/walk (8:59).

I think I could do these kinds of two-a-days. Not sure how my Running Addicts buddies can pull out two awesome/tough running sessions in one day!


I’m loving these summer nights. Who wouldn’t want to come home to this bundle of cuteness?


Last night, I just sat out there with her for like 30 minutes. She was all energetic and wanted to play fetch with the ball. So darned cute and playful. Vanna is awesome!


Felt lovely to wake up this morning… except when I got up to walk, that Barre3 workout has left my butt, inner thighs, and outer thighs so sore. I think I’ll walk Vanna this morning on a nice long walk. I was planning on doing a Barre3 video this morning, too… we’ll see what happens. Then I’m off to church, and then a dinner at Smoking Pig with Joe and MIchael 🙂

What are you Sunday plans?

Have you ever gotten membership for online workout videos?

Ever tried Barre 3 (or something  similar… like Physique57)?


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