Communications Hill

Two-a-day yesterday, but the first workout wasn’t too too crazy.

It was another Barre3 workout called Ballet Sculpt. 40 minutes long. Pretty good but luckily not as muscle-shaking as the one I did on Saturday.

And then I walked to Starbucks with Michael and Vanna. 2.25 miles in about 55 minutes (400+ elevation gain). Vanna walked to stop and smell something every 5 steps. No joke. That’s why it took so long.


Then for the second workout, after church, I tagged along with Phil for his 5-mile run. He is one of the guys who ran the Warrior Dash last year (on the right… the silly guy on the left is our PASTOR, hahaha!).

warrior dash

He’s also the only running enthusiast at school.

So anyways, we ran his favorite route, Communications Hill, which is super close to his house. It was 5.25 miles, had nice views, and HILLS. Almost 600 ft elevation gain. The beginning and end were flat, but the middle portion had all sorts of hills. What a great run!!!



^Pretty sure this thing should be called Communications HillS with an “S”.


Went to Smoking Pig for farewell dinner #1 for Michael:


We were all so hungry that we pretty much devoured all the food before taking a picture. Actually, I somehow got this one up before inhaling it all:

smoking pig

Instagram: meeshelkim (You should know… that since it’s INSTAgram, I try to do it instantly with all of my instagrams… meaning the picture is posted and tagged in like five seconds or less. Don’t care if it’s blurry and crap, hahaha).


K. I’ve been eating like crazies lately. Eating things I don’t usually eat… mainly greasy foods and such. I did this for over a week and now my face is breaking out like crazy. Time to start eating clean foods again, and hopefully my face will clear up soon!


And, dude. I am going to be pacing a FULL marathon! The Morgan Hill Marathon on October 20th! I’m super duper excited and hope to do a great job on it. Then three weeks after that will be the Malibu Marathon. The Morgan Hill Marathon will be a perfect long training run before the Malibu (which I’m still planning on running for fun).


Any super special/yummy eats over the weekend? 

Are you on Instagram? [I’m on it, but I do pretty much every Instagram faux pas. Kinda fun :P]

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