How Could You Say “No”

Went on a nice walk with Michael, Libby, and Vanna yesterday. We went to the park and a little bit around Downtown Saratoga.



^Hahaha, Vanna’s having a helluva good time, huh?

And then she got a little tired from running around on the grass (the sprinklers were on, haha).


It was seriously a gorgeous day for a walk 🙂



Vanna is a very needy and quirky dog. She LOVES people, and she’s still getting used to other dogs (her tail will attach itself to her stomach when another dog is around… because she gets so scared, hehe).

One thing to know… she cries a lot and makes funny noises. She also loves making eye contact. Pretty sure it’s not in any challenging sort of way… considering how incredibly wimpy she is.

Whenever we walk her and she REALLY wants to smell something, she’ll halt and stare into my eyes.


It’s like she’s saying, “PLEEEAASE… I REALLY want to smell that patch of dirt!”

Even if it gets annoying having to stop every few steps, how can you say “no” to this:


Hahaha… or perhaps it would be very easy for you to just say “no” and move on 😛

Anyways, we walked about an hour and covered 2.35 miles. Probably over 400 ft elevation, too. Yeah. My house is located on top of a giant hill.


Came back home and did an hour on the elliptical, some arm and core work (super short), and then washed up for work.

After work, the family went out for a dinner at Mizu Sushi (I haven’t really mentioned, but this was the third time getting sushi in the last four days!).

Boom (only a small portion of our orders, haha):


I guess that whole “eating clean” thing will have to start another day, HAHA… loading up on the sauce, deep-fried scallops, sushi rice… it was all such a yummy indulgence. I’d like to say it’s once in a while, but like I said before, sushi 3 times in the last four days!

Farewell Dinner #2 for Michael. Tomorrow will be the final farewell dinner for Michael before he goes off to school on Wednesday morning.


Do you like sushi? 

Anyone else have an easy day/rest day?

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