Why Summer in Lake Tahoe is the Best

How can you beat the beauty of Lake Tahoe?

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image 

The water was the perfect temperature, the skies were clear for the late morning, and we were out there for just an hour and enjoyed every bit of it. 

So glad we got to have a camera out there (waterproof and shockproof Olympus Tough). 

This was the second time I did SUP and the first time Joe did kayaking (I think). He liked it so much better than SUPing. Looked a lot more comfortable and more natural, too 😉

Afterwards, we went in the water, and Joe got to swim just a tiny bit.


And I stood around and took pictures of myself. 



I wore the Garmin around the whole morning while we strolled Sand Harbor Beach, as well as when we went SUPing in the water. Gotta earn me some kudos on Plus3network

Had plans to go running but there was a random thunder storm that came in (you can’t tell in this picture, but there was hail and the crashing of thunder close by):



Time to take a nap now. Hope you had a good couple of days 🙂

Have you ever gone stand-up paddle boarding?

What is a water activity/sport you enjoy the most?

4 responses to “Why Summer in Lake Tahoe is the Best

    • Yay, I love that we can make our workouts count for so much through Plus3Network!
      And you should definitely visit during the summer. It’s so pretty out there. And maybe run a race (except the elevation might make it feel really tough!).

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