The ‘Back to School’ Run

Yesterday was the first day of fall semester at SFSU. Though I wasn’t planning on it until very close to the first day of class, I ended up moving out to SF so that I could just walk to-and-from school and focus on my studies up here. I wore my Garmin pretty much all day to see what kind of mileage I was getting.

In the morning, I did 1.86 miles (to school and back).

Then I had a nice gap between my morning class and my afternoon class, so I decided to go to Lake Merced and run it twice. Plan was the run the first one easy and do the second time faster.

I am 0.65 mile from the Lake, so that was my little warm-up jog (all downhill). One lap around Lake Merced is 4.5 miles.

So my miles were: 8:45, 8:47, 8:31, 8:13. 7:46 (for 0.5 mile… turned around and ran the other way for the second lap around the lake), 7:42, 7:38, 7:34, 7:27, 7:21 (for 0.5 mile).

If that is not a freaking beautiful, nearly perfect progression run, I don’t know what is. I didn’t look at my watch for any of these. I just went by feel. The last part was hard because it was an uphill to the finish (well, the lake is just nice rollers, so it wasn’t a steep hill by any  means).

The little jog back to my school home was awesome. I didn’t really know what the splits were like until I got home and uploaded the Garmin stats.

Considering that I only ran twice last week (one being the tRAck workout, the other being the Double Road race), I guess I was really itching for a good hard run. Perhaps being rested also helped 🙂


I did an hour-long Barre3 workout when I got home, too. Perhaps the fact that Sunday was a complete rest day gave me a whole lot of energy.


And then I walked to school and around a bit to add another 2.5 miles for the day.

Best part of yesterday? Not even the unintended awesome progression run, but catching up with this girl:




I freaking love this girl. It’s like we never spent a day apart (except for all the stories she told me about her summer when we were apart).

We got to catch up, do some walking, and ate In-n-out for dinner. Goodness gracious, it was so amazing to hang out with her! And we’re going to get back to hitting the track (except this time, I’ll be incorporating some more track WORK into these workouts, hehe).


Getting back to school is nice. I have all this energy to get school work done, walk around everywhere, run a whole lot, and hang out (only with Joanna though. I have no energy for anyone else, haha).

Let’s just hope I don’t burn out in like a month.

Who started school? Or did your kids start school? Or are you a teacher who started school already?

Favorite season of the year? (Mine is summer. I had a blast this summer!)

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