I’m 25 and I Still Get Pimples

Been loving all of the activity while in San Francisco, but not so much the weather. I barely see the sun because of the darned fog and I am someone who greatly craves sunlight… often getting seasonal affective disorder in the wintertime because of less sun exposure, especially once daylight savings rolls around. I am so good at writing run-on sentences.

Anyways, I was contemplating whether or not I should be putting on sunblock, even with the heavy fog… but I did. If ever there is a doubt, I just choose to put it on anyways. Never hurts. It will probably hurt more if I go without it.

I’ll get back to why this whole sunblock thing was something I thought about…

First, I want to tell you about my craptastic run! I ran from the school home to Golden Gate Park. It was supposed to be a nice and easy run. Instead, I got hit with some heavy wind (which makes sense, since I was running along the Pacific Ocean on the Great Highway). I planned to run just one hour, hitting Golden Gate Park as the halfway point, getting water, and then heading back.

Well, I eyeballed it on the map, and my eyeballs deceived me by 1.5 miles. I reached the fountain at Golden Gate Park around 4.25 miles. Turning around and running back SUCKED. Even when I was running faster yesterday, I felt much stronger. Or perhaps this run sucked because I had a good hard run yesterday.

Anywho, splits for the 7.2 miles (60 minutes) were 8:42 (w/u), 8:15, 8:16, 8:14, 8:47, 8:06, 8:13, 7:48.

The random 8:47 was probably from waiting to cross the street and making sure cars could see me since getting squished on the road would probably have ruined my day.

I was surprised by the splits. They aren’t bad… but I guess the effort seemed much greater because of the wind? Or the fog? Does fog add to humidity? Or dew point?? I dunno.

In any case, there are those runs that suck once in a while (or even if they don’t look all that sucky, they just FEEL like it). Overcome it. Get stronger. Learn something from it. Move forward.


Did a 1.4 mile cooldown jog (12:41) after that run.

Also, I walked 2.2 miles in the morning and 1.2 miles in the afternoon. Who knew walking to school and walking around campus could add so many miles?!


So back to the sunblock thing. For a few weeks during the summer, I was using a really really cheap sunblock, one that was probably meant only for the body. My face got super angry:


^Not sure if you can see all of those reddish dots on my cheek, but it was BAD. It was on both cheeks, all along the hairline, and I couldn’t understand what the culprit was. It’s not like I stopped washing my face.

My mom and I discussed what it could be. She said maybe it was all the peanut butter I ate (I eat almost two servings per day)… but I told her I have been doing that for years. Why would the pimples suddenly appear? And after a bit more discussion, we realized it probably had to be due to the cheap sunblock. I went out and invested in my face by buying a Neutrogena sunblock meant specifically for the face.

Within a week, boom:


^Okay, I know the angle is all funky, but it’s in an effort to show you how clear my cheek is compared to before. It’s also different lighting, but trust me. It’s practically all clear!

I have naturally shiny, oily skin. Pretty acne-prone… even though I’m 25 years old. I unfortunately have to pay an extra 10 bucks to get a sunblock meant just for my face… but I think it’s worth it.


My skin is far from perfect. I have a good amount of scars (pimples don’t pop themselves!), I have dark circles, and probably some premature ageing from being outside and running around in the sun… but the thing I’m most proud of is having no signs of forehead wrinkles or angry/stressed between-the-brows lines. I want to grow up creating laugh lines from smiling and laughing throughout life.

Is your skin sensitive to products? 

Anyone beyond their teen-aged years and still struggling with acne? (or am I all alone?)

10 responses to “I’m 25 and I Still Get Pimples

  1. I’m much older than you and I still get acne (or would if I weren’t on birth control pills – it’s the only thing that’s ever worked for me). You’re lucky that you get use the cheaper Neutrogena sunblock. I have to use the really expense Kiehl’s sunblock. Anything else and I break out all over. You should always wear sunscreen/sunblock. The UVA rays can still penetrate clouds and windows.

    • Oooh, yeah. Kiehl’s products are so great, but pricey! (Do you collect the empty containers for their stamp card to earn freebies? I just got my free lip balm for giving them three empty kiehl’s containers).

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