Long Weekend Ahead

Here are my workouts from Wednesday and Thursday:

Wednesday night, I did a Barre 3 workout (lots of shaking and quaking) and then went to run/walk at the track with Joanna. We alternated segments of running with walking. A couple of times, she was like, “No more, Michelley! You go!!” And I stuck with her, and she eventually ended up running more. I told her to just take a break when she needs it, and then run when she’s nearly recovered. That little rest period can do wonders!


Thursday, I did a whole bunch of walking. I had to walk to campus and back three times. I racked up 4.6 miles of walking. I even went at a speed that would make me break a sweat… which was a mistake because they (for some reason) don’t want to air condition any of the classrooms. Blech.

And then I headed down toward home to try to make it in time for the tRAck workout with the RA’s (Running Addicts)!

I got there kind of late, and though they were all doing the workout still, I was tired and decided to just jog easy and for one mile and then lead the fitcamp.



We did moves that are all focused on the core. One super core-centric, and the other was a cardio move that focused on the core.

I knew I was among athletes because after 10 moves, they were still down for more. Instead of just repeating it through, I threw all sorts of different core moves at them. 23 minutes of our “fitcamp” and we were good to go. Well… no. We’re never done until the photos are done:



Took a lot of work. No one was injured. Everyone had a good laugh. 😀 Love these people so much!!!

[Thank you, Linh, for the awesome photos!]


Friday morning, I slept in. It was beautiful and restorative. Sleep is awesome!

Since I got such wonderful sleep, I did an Insanity workout. I did the one with the weights… which I have not done in a long time. I saw that I was losing a lot of the definition in my arms, so I think I’ll throw this into the mix at least once a week.

And then I had a quick lunch, picked up Joe, and did a quick Stairmaster workout. 35 minutes, but I was COVERED in sweat. Good, Lord! It’s seriously one of the best cardio workouts when you don’t have much time.


This morning, I have a long run with some fast peoples from the Running Addicts! And then I’m off to SF again to take another test for school. I may also be going on a super lovely hike with Mister Joe. We’re also celebrating something pretty big over the weekend 😀

What are your plans for the long weekend?

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