Labor Day Recap

Yesterday was a day full of delicious eats!

Got a message from Joe pretty early in the morning that his family wanted to do something cools for Labor Day. In the years past, we went to Half Moon Bay and purchased seafood from the boats and such.

We ate breakfast at Country Inn. I split an omelette with Joe, which came with Swedish pancakes. It has been a few years since I’ve eaten those… I never realized how DELICIOUS they are! I kind of wish they gave like five of them instead of two. Oh, well.

Anywho, over breakfast, it was decided that we would do the Half Moon Bay trip. We picked up Philz and then headed up!


We got to the boats and checked out a few places… and then we were lucky enough to purchase some rock crabs (I think that’s what it’s called) on the cheap… $2.50 per pound. Joe’s family got 13 for less than $40!

Then for lunch, we decided to go to the uber popular Sam’s Chowder HouseThere were cars parked all over the place and a huge line and long wait. Daaaaang! Luckily, we were not hungry yet, so we put our names down and enjoyed this nice view.


And we took a little stroll around the beach (which, btw, had surprising soft sand!):



Did you notice how everyone on FB and IG were posting pictures of the sky yesterday?


The clouds were doing something cool. Anywho, the 1+ wait flew by and we were seated and ready to eat!

I ate a bunch of sourdough bread with butter. Not sure why I was craving it, but I was so excited to eat the five slices, rahaha.

I ate some of their clam chowder… it was delicious! And for my entree, I ate a salad with scallops, shrimp, calamari, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, red bell peppers. There was just lemon juice or something really light for the “dressing”, which I super duper love!


I order salads so I can justify by high consumption of free bread. Oh, and to eat some of Joe’s food:


He got the lobster roll… and lemme tell ya… that brioche business is mind-blowing. I guess all those huge things of lobster are not bad, either 😛

Sam’s Chowder House gets two thumbs up from me!


We headed back to San jose, dropped off some crabs to my parents, and then went back later to eat a huge meal of crab, crab stew, corn, and Hawaiian King’s rolls!


Realized why these crabs are cheaper… the body has like thirty separate compartments and it’s hard to get the meat out, haha. Oh, well. They were yummy and kinda sorta worth the work!


Today is a pretty special day. It has been seven years since Joe and I had our first date!

Here is what we did last year.

Here is a post about Joe, in case you don’t know him that well.

Since I am here at school, we will be celebrating (low-key) later this week.


What did you do for Labor Day? 

Whole crab… worth all the work to pick it apart? Or would you rather pay extra to have someone do it for you?

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