The Half Marathon That Had Everything

Went on a long run today. San Francisco has been super foggy, but it was pretty clear after my last class today, so I decided to go for a run.

I had no time goal, I just wanted it to be an easy longish run (long meaning double digits… 10+ miles).

I went along the Great Highway, and it was great to enjoy the breeze. Okay, actually, it was more like WIND. Oh, well. At least I never got too hot:


This course had nice, gentle rolling hills. It also had people doing lots of activities in the ocean:


^Para-surfing? I’m not sure what it is, but they had parachutes… which makes sense to use on such a windy day. [*Edited to add: Whoops, correction. They are kite-surfing… I believe I just made up parachute-surfing, hehe]

Anywho, this course had hills:


But it’s all good. If there is a hill, then there is a view at the top.

And a nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge:


Other things this run had were stairs and dirt trails:


And this “half marathon” had a nice ocean view as I ran back home:


Yeah, so I did 13.10 miles in 1:56:51. I slowed down a bunch in the middle because of the fat hill-climb and going up the stairs… but at least I got to go a good pace on the gentle (barely there) rollers along Ocean Beach. Fastest mile was mile 12 (7:45). Slowest was mile 9 (10:47… which is when I was going up and down stairs).

Then I did 1.40 miles as a cooldown walk/jog in 12:59.

14.5 miles running, and 4.10 miles of walking around at school.


I’m going to guess that running outside will make me a stronger runner than doing it on the treadmill all the time. Even if I were to run a pace that was much faster on the treadmill, I realized how big of a difference the wind makes! I’d take out all of the little factors in nature/outdoors (such as wind, changes in terrain, uneven footing). I don’t mind putting in some miles on the ‘mill, but I’m going to attempt to do the majority of my miles outside. I’ll switch it up so I’m not always pounding the pavement. Lord knows I love trail running 🙂


OMG… you’re going to be so proud of me!

I did a track workout yesterday, all by myself!!! I missed the one with my running group last week and decided that I would do it on my own.

The workout was something like 1200m x 6 with 2 min RI (rest intervals), with a 4 min RI after the first three.

I modified it to just doing 1200m x 5, 2 min RI.

After a couple miles of warming up, I set up my Garmin FR 405 with the workout. Each of these were followed by a 2-minute rest interval where I walked:

1st 1200m (0.75 mile): 5:22

2nd 1200m: 5:09

3rd 1200m: 5:15

4th 1200m: 5:17

5th 1200m: 5:08

Goodness. Those vary in pace quite a bit (7:10 pace to 6:51 pace)… but whatevers. I’m freaking impressed with the fact that I got my butt out there to do this workout!

And then I had some more walking and jogging with Joanna.


Do you live near the ocean? Or any body of water (lake/river)?

Do you walk/bike to work/school? How far is it from your home?

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    • Usually I don’t get DOMS after these kinds of runs (unless it’s more than 18 or so). I just get general fatigue (which I run off with an easy shake-out run, haha). I get DOMS a day or two after weight session, though.

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