What I’ve Been Up To

These last few days, I’ve been EATING:


^Praying before devouring this huge pandan waffle.

Tammy bought these donuts for me from Krispy Kreme. Pumpkin cheescake and pumpkin (old-fashioned). The pumpkin old-fashioned donut is one of my favorite. That girl just GETS ME:


^(And yeah, I somehow ate both of them in one sitting, during last night’s Bible study, without milk. My stomach kind of hurt later, but it was #totallyworthit).

This was today’s lunch after Joe and I went to the gym.


I got a chicken bowl from Chipotle with three corn tortillas on the side. I dunno what you think, but my belief is that corn tortillas > flour tortillas.

Workout today: I did a treadmill-stairmaster-treadmill workout.

Warm up on treadmill for 25 minutes, 25 minutes at a fast pace on the stairmaster, and a progression run of four miles- done in 30:45.

(Oh, btw, I haven’t run on a treadmill in a long time and I kept accidentally running into the dashboard and turning off the treadmill. Happened twice and I got super frustrated at myself… and I felt strangely cramp on the treadmill. Guess that’s what happens when you get used to running in this kind of scenery).

So anyways, all this yummy-food-consumption started on Thursday night when Mister Joe and I celebrated our seven year anniversary:


(Instagram: meeshelkim).

We went back to the place where we had our first date… Cherry Sushi! Got ourselves a good amount of food, then went and got che (Vietnamese dessert thing) and pandan waffle at Bambu. It’s kind of crazy to think about how long we’ve been together 🙂

I feel blessed that my first boyfriend ever turned out to be such a nice guy (though he teases me and picks on me all the time… which I learned is his way of showing affection. Teasing= Mister Joe’s terms of endearment. That’s what I tell myself). I’ll stick around with him until I stop laughing and smiling when I’m with him… which is quite unlikely because I am extremely easily amused.

Now let’s jump to Friday when I met with Addie and Jane to go hiking!


We went to Rancho San Antonio and hiked 6.0 miles. I took them on a new trail, as well as guide them to a different way to the parking lot (meaning I chose to take the longer route going back, hahaha). In the middle of conversation after five miles, they were like, “… Wait a minute… why are we going uphill again???” It’s all good. We all made it out alive and enjoyed a yummy Vietnamese lunch.


Okay. There is absolutely no order to this post. I just randomly put things up that have been sitting in my phone camera for a few days. I didn’t sleep much, nor will I sleep much tonight. I got to volunteer at Trail Hot Hog this morning. Glad I didn’t decide to race it because it was hot hot hot. 

I’ll be in Santa Cruz to volunteer at the Big Kahuna Triathlon! Good luck to all who are racing this weekend 😀

Do you like corn tortillas or flour tortillas?

What is your go-to/default restaurant you go to for lunch/dinner? (If you haven’t noticed, I love Vietnamese food)

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