The Mystery of Vanna

Some of you may or may not know my dog, Vanna (a mutt). You can find out more about her in this post. 


Recently, I have been watching Cowboy Bebop, and they have a corgi in that anime (yeah, I watch anime. Not a whole bunch, but if there is a cute corgi in it, you bet I will sit there and forget about studying. Jk. kinda sorta).

Anyways, there was a little scene of the corgi’s butt, and it reminded me of Vanna’s butt. I don’t have a picture of her butt, but here is a corgi from behind:

corgi4 (source)

^I’m thinking Vanna must be part corgi because their behinds look the same, and Vanna would DEFINITELY run away from two cute ducklings (she is so scared of animals… but she loves people).

Oh, here is a picture of Vanna and her bully:


That scrub bluejay comes around whenever I give Vanna her kibble. It comes and eats it, and Vanna goes under a bench somewhere and watches it eat her food. What a wimp.

Good thing she’s cute:


Anyways, take a look at this corgi:

corgi3 (source)

And then take a look at Vanna:


Are their proportions not the same? (OK, fine. Vanna looks more like a cat in the second picture).

Here are other reasons why I think she is part corgi:

You can put stuff on their head/face:




^Okay fine, I have yet to put something bigger than her little dog treat, but she will stay super duper still until you say, “Come!” What a smarty poop.

Corgi’s and Vanna have mad hops and are super playful:


And run super fast:



Or did I just describe all dogs?

So if she’s one part corgi, what might the other breed(s) be?

Perhaps a collie:



Or a beagle? It would explain the ears…


And how they both got them crazy eyes:


Who knows.

We may never know.

All I know is… I have hundreds and hundreds of this girl… and I love this dog for all of her quirks and oddities:



You may be stressed or having a tough day, but spending some time with this bundle of shedding happiness will melt the knots off your back. She. is. awesome.


Do you have a dog? What kind?

Anyone else have a rescue dog/puppy? Is he/she a mutt?

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