Fartlek-ing to Golden Gate Park

I live in San Francisco from Sunday night to Thursday evening, and then back at home near San Jose from Thursday night to Sunday evening.

While I am here in SF, I am trying to take advantage of the cooler weather, as well as the awesome scenery. Sure, it gets windy, and there can be some hills here and there, but I think these are all factors that will make me stronger (especially compared to just running on a treadmill at the gym).

Well, on Monday, it was so gloomy, foggy, and windy that I decided to go to the gym anyways. Actually, it’s because I really wanted to go attend the Spin/Cycle class. I walked one mile to the gym, got on the treadmill to run an easy progression run (start at 6.8 mph and increase 0.1mph every half mile until five miles complete. Then c/d with a walk for a few minutes). 5 miles done in 41:33, and I think with the walking c/d, it was like 5.25 mile in 44:45.

Anyways, I went over to the Cycle room and luckily, the AC and fan were blasting (the rest of the gym had a bikram yoga-like smell and muggy feeling).

Holy crap. I’ve never had such heavy legs and a hard time getting fast turnover before! This was a TOUGH class, and I think those spin bikes are a bit different from the ones I use at other gyms. Never have I thought about hopping off the bike and ending a cycling class so many times! I kept staring at the clock, wondering how a minute could be so very long.

Somehow, I made it through the whole class, and walked back for a mile to my place. I was POOPED.


Perhaps it was the hard workout session on Monday, but on Tuesday, I had no desire to workout. Instead, I ate a lot and even went out kind of late to get groceries/dinner… and I bought a bag of peanut m&m’s and pretzel m&m’s. I think the pretzel m&m’s are my favorite candy/chocolate right now.

My plan was to eat just one bag. Plans changed. I ate them both while studying, hahaha.

It’s okay. I didn’t judge myself (too much) for it. It’s over, Michelle. Just move on.


Moving on to today, I had an itch to do some kind of workout that I don’t usually enjoy. I got over my fear of track workouts, but I still have a hard time getting myself to do tempo’s and fartleks. The last tempo I did was pretty good… but I couldn’t remember the last time I did a fartlek… so fartlek it was.

I programmed my Garmin FR 405 (<— love it so much omigarsh) to have a w/u, 20 reps of 90 sec fast running with 60 sec rest (or jogging), and a c/d.

It started off with a nice 2-mile w/u (18 min exactly).

Then my intervals began. I kind of love how I was able to just run and not have to keep looking down at my watch. I didn’t have to think about anything except running fast until it beeped, and then jogging for a minute until it beeped again.

Going out was the easy part… I didn’t realize until later, but there was a tailwind. Those 90 second intervals flew by and I enjoyed each recovery jog so much. I went into Golden Gate Park for a few of the intervals until the turnaround (after the 10th “rep”), and headed back toward my place.

As soon as I came out of GG Park, I noticed the strong headwind. I knew with these fartleks, it wasn’t really about distance, but just my effort. I tried to keep the same effort for each of the 90 second intervals… it’s just that when I was going against the headwind, I felt like I was breathing and running hard but going super slowly.

In any case, my last interval was one of the fastest ones (0.21 mile, which is 7:01 pace). The other 90 second intervals ranged from 0.18 mile to 0.21 mile.

Another mean part was that the c/d jog was all uphill!


^BTW, I’m still just discovering all the weird crap I can do with my phone. This is some Paper Artist thing. I will now alter all of my pictures with that app to make normal photos look all funky… like so:


So that totals for this fartlek run:


(Instagram: meeshelkim)

Not. bad. at. all.


In other running news:

OMG, you need to go donate to Emz right now! She is running 100 miles in 24 hours for education in India! How freaking awesome is that???

Not only that, but this is going down on September 12th and 13th in SAN FRANCISCO (hey! That’s where I go to school!). Maybe if I can make time, I’ll swing by and cheer her on. BTW, if you don’t follow her IG… she is a treadmill runner. She is going to be running 100 miles on a freaking treadmill. You had better ‘hashtagholycrap’ and ‘hashtagfreakingawesome’ that bidness right now.


In even MORE running news:

The Marathon Man needs our help! He is on his way to breaking the Guinness World Record for the most marathons run in a calendar year! But as you can imagine, that’s going to cost a lot of monies. If you want to make a donation to Trent “Marathon Man” Morrow, you can do so right here.

This site also let’s you know exactly what kind of expenses he has and any bit of assistance is much appreciated!


Time to go! Hope you’re had a good first half of your week! It’s only downhill from here until the weekend 🙂

Have you met/seen the Marathon Man at any of your races?

What is the longest run you’ve done on a treadmill?

Do you do fartleks regularly?

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