I’m So Sensitive

Yes. I cry in any movie where an animal gets hurt. I am sensitive in that way.

Here are the major sobfests of the past (spoiler alert for some of these movies, if you haven’t seen them):

I am Legend– the dog was the only friend he had in the world. Literally.

How to Train a Dragon- the dragon was trying to save the boy (btw… the dragon lives).

Shiloh- beagle running happily in slo-mo to the boy… I cried like crazy (happy tears). It was also the first movie that made me sob. I was ten years old.

True Grit- poor horse ran himself to death for the owner.

Marley and Me- need I say more?


Another way I am sensitive… my skin! Not only do I get breakouts here and there, but I am extremely sensitive to SLS (sodium laurel sulfate/sodium laureth sulfate) found in shower gels and shampoos. It is apparently the stuff that makes bath gel get all foamy or act as a detergent. If I use a shower gel with SLS, I will be insanely itchy from head-to-toe (or neck-down… wherever I use the foaming soap). I was miserable for several weeks after I got a new shower gel (until I did the research and found out SLS was the culprit. It was the first ingredient after water).


I found out yesterday that my arms are pretty much as good as bananas. Or a super ripe peach… as in I bruise very easily:

20130912_223412 20130912_223601

This was from a very mean volleyball. Also… not quite sure how I got bruises on the front of my forearm. I am doing something very weird. Or the bruise is already on the move.

You’re probably wondering why the heck I was playing volleyball. Well, I wasn’t really. I was just learning the basics (from Mister Coach Joe). I wanted to learn enough of the basics so I can play on Sundays without being the black hole. 

We did the volleyball lesson for exactly one hour, and I did not even realize how crazy the bruising was until a couple hours later. I know the first time playing volleyball will cause some red spots… but not a huge, inflamed and swollen bruise, right???

Oh, our practice/drills/learning got halted because I got smacked in the face. It did not hurt, but perhaps because I got smacked in the nose and I was caught off guard, my eyes watered. Mister Coach Joe may or may not have been laughing. I’m not sure… I couldn’t really see through all the tears. HAHAHA

Anyways… this just goes to show that I am a true runner. We have our feet on the ground, no flying objects whizzing by us, and we just RUN through the finish line. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with a freaking ball… unless I have a racket (I used to play tennis in middle school and high school).


Do you play volleyball? Any other sports that requires a ball?

What movie made you bawl? 

Are you sensitive in any way?

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