Morgan Hill Marathon Course Preview

Yesterday, I went on a course preview training run with the Running Addicts. We will be pacing the Morgan Hill Marathon on October 20th. It will be my first time pacing a full marathon, and this was my first time running the course.

We met at 7:00am at the park and got ready to head out. Some were there to run the half marathon course and others to do the about 21.5 miles of the full.


We were so spoiled during this run today. Not only was the weather perfect for a run (cool, not windy, not super bright until much later), but we had a moving aid station to meet us every 1-1.5 miles (thank you, Melinda!!):


Everyone was all smiles about that!



And you can see… I was really enjoying this run 🙂



(Thanks, Linh, for these pictures!)

This course was really nice. I think I would think differently if I was racing the course since it has a lot of rollers in the first 16 miles. Anyways, we all took it at an easy pace, regrouped at the aid stations, and then took off.



(First time eating Circus Animals every time we stopped by at the aid station. I think that’s what helped me fuel this run. How awesome and delicious, hehe).




The first 10 miles were at a pace ranging from 10:08 to 9:20.

Then miles 11 to 20 ranged from 10:00 to 8:49.

Our run ended around 21.5 miles, but I decided to go a little further until I hit mile 22. Pace: 8:41, 8:06. <— I wanted to end the run with the fastest mile at the end.

And THEN after we were all done, and as we were about to depart, I thought: “Hmm… I still feel pretty good. I think I’ll go run some more.”

8:41, 8:35, and then for the very last mile, I picked up the pace. 7:28. Swit. 

CRAZY. I’ve never done a training run that has been longer than 21 miles (and when I did it that time, I barely made it to 21, hahaha).


(IG meeshelkim).

Why didn’t I just run a little more and do the full? Because I was SUPER hungry. I had been hungry for over an hour up to that point, so… yeah. I wanted to go and get lunch.

But first, a post-run refuel sesh:


Peet’s matcha green tea freddo. My fave. And I had a card to get it for free so… hooray!

And then I met up with Joe and my brother for pho at Pho Nguyen in Milpitas. Been a long time since I’ve ordered pho. Still can’t finish a small. Something about all that chicken (which some people don’t consider real pho because it’s not beef??) and noodles, man… it just totally fills me up!


Side notes:

I’m trying to think of what I ate and what I did the day before this long run.

I ate a Vietnamese dessert drink (che). I am totally going to have it again before a long run/race. It makes sense since it is super packed with carbs and sugar :D. Also, El Pollo Loco tortillas and their chicken salad. I think the che definitely was the magical carbo-loading factor. Simple simple carbs. 

As for what I did, I actually didn’t run (though I wanted to do around 4 easy miles). I did do a back workout (omg, DOMS were on the way and it hit me hard this morning!). Also some core stuff. That’s all.


There was a nice 2 or 2.5 hour nap yesterday after lunch. What an awesome day :). It was nice to run 25 miles and not end up hobbling everywhere. I think the fact that we took plenty of breaks at the moving aid station and went at an easy pace was helpful. There’s no way I would have been able to bust out a 7:28 in the last mile if I was pushing the pace the whole time.

I’m so excited about pacing the Morgan Hill Marathon! I just hope it won’t be as hot as last year o__O

Are you running the Morgan Hill Marathon?

When is your next big race(s)? (Mine are the SJ RnR Half and the  Malibu Marathon).

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