“Don’t tell anyone this, but did you know…”

Have you heard this before? Or in any of its other variations:

“I’m not really supposed to know this, so don’t tell anyone I know…”

“Promise you won’t tell her/him I told you this, but…”

“Blah blah blah blah, but don’t tell anyone I told you, okay?”

My guess is that you have heard (or said?) this AT LEAST once in your life time. It is a curious behavior of humans… we love to know secrets. We love to find out secrets. We just love to be in the know. 

Guess who’s generally NOT “in the know”:


Yeah. GENERALLY, I don’t know things. In fact, I’d prefer not to know certain things. Sure, there are extreme circumstances (pathological liar-type situations? Let’s hope we don’t run by those peeps too often) when it is good to know the truth. Other times, I feel like when I find out certain secrets, stories of the past, the “dirt” on someone, it kind of ruins any possibility for me to get to know him/her. That’s kind of unfair, especially if it was a mistake that he/she made and he/she has repented and is striving to be a new creation.

I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and I try to learn from it and become a better person. If someone heard about xyz that I did or said several years ago and decides not to be friends with me because of that, then that is a sad situation, yeah? (Seriously. That person is missing out because I’m freaking awesome).


Another important thing is that if someone told you something in confidence (whether they prefaced it with, “This is very personal so please don’t tell anyone about this,” or NOT), you should DEFINITELY not tell another soul about it. Don’t be that person who uses the phrases from the beginning of this post to tell someone else about the secret. If that is something you struggle with, then ask yourself why you feel the need to have to tell someone else about it. Why is it that we are almost bursting at the seams when we hear a secret?

When I know there is some kind of news that is on the hush, I will ask once, “Is it secret or can I know?” If the response is, “It’s a secret,” then I stop asking.

NOT GONNA LIE… I’d be freaking curious, but I know that if it doesn’t concern me, then WHATEVERS. I have no business prying. 


Why do I say all this? Because I feel like we, as humans (and as children of God), can be a lot nicer about what we choose to say (OR NOT SAY) about other people. We should also try to be the most trustworthy individuals in the history of the world. If someone is confiding in you, then listen to him/her, and show them the amount of love that you would want to be shown.

I also say this to challenge myself to catch myself when I’m talking crap (not that I do all the time or anything… OR DO I??).

If you’re a secret-blabber, just stop it. C’mon. It’s so not cool. Don’t be that person anymore. 

If you’re someone who always seems to be talking crap, just stop it. C’mon. Let’s try to be positive, yeah? Don’t be that person anymore. 

I remember when someone said the most wonderful thing about a friend of mine: “You know… I’ve never EVER heard her say anything bad about someone before.” WHOAz. Craaazy. And I love that friend to bits because she is overflowing with positivity, rainbows, and sparkles! <– not really, but you don’t come across a lot of people like her 😉

[Of course, there are exceptions. Criminal activity, abuse, rape, anything extreme… you better not zip your lips about it!… but don’t just go and post it on FB or text a bunch of people about it because that’s probably not the right way to handle that situation].


Then again, there’s a difference between kindness and niceness. We can all be nice, but KINDness is harder to achieve. You can rebuke someone and still be kind… but this would have to be a whole ‘nother post, hahaha.


Those were the thoughts running through my head as I ran around Lake Merced.

A progression run, mind you:

Mile 1: 8:39

Mile 2: 8:35

Mile 3: 8:10

Mile 4: 8:10

Mile 5: 7:30

Mile 6: 7:00

And a 1.5 mile cooldown around 8:30 pace.

7.5 miles in an hour. Noice.

Did not mean for it to be a progression run until the third mile. I wasn’t feeling for anything speedy, but I guess that all changed after I got warmed up!


*Edited to add:

Hey! Here’s an opportunity to do some good! Pastor Sam Yun will be participating in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s this Saturday. Please join in fighting this disease (if you’re in the SF area, you can actually join the team! If not, your prayers and donation would be awesome). Click here to donate 🙂

Any amount is much appreciated!


How do you spread positivity? Do you know someone who is (generally) always positive and nice?

Where is your go-to running route? How long is it? How close is it to you?

2 responses to ““Don’t tell anyone this, but did you know…”

  1. Curiosity killed the cat 😛 I’m super curious too, even more so when someone tells me something’s private haha.

    I don’t run outside :/ The closest I’ve gotten to exercising the past year is doing the elliptical @ the gym and swimming, which I enjoy more 🙂

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