We have just been eating out while we’re here.

Did Korean BBQ for lunch (but I won’t put up the picture because partially grilled meat doesn’t look as appetizing in photos).

And then Joe and I hit the gym. I did 2 miles on the treadmill as a warm-up (17:08), then did random squat stuff, leg press stuff, one set of deadlifts. Unfortunately, it all depended on what machine was available.

Doesn’t matter if I did it in my usual order or not (squats, deadlifts, lunges). I haven’t done a leg workout in several months, so my legs were going to get torn up either way.

And yes. They’re incredibly sore. My entire butt cheek (all the way around and down to the bones) are super sore. And I love it, haha.


Okay, now on to the fun stuff:


The most awkward picture of two brothers:


Assortment of Sushi bowl (with uni, salmon roe, shrimp, hamachi??)


And broiled salmon belly:


This place was quite yummy, but super duper pricey. Get ready to eat good quality food… and drop a bunch of monies.

Afterwards, we went around the corner to Blockheads, a shaved ice place!



YEAH, I know right??? Looks SO GOOD? It was. We got green tea shaved ice, red beans, mangoes, rice cake, almond slices, and condensed milk. It was a delicious way to end the night. I’m pretty sure I could have eaten that whole large thing by myself if I didn’t eat as much for dinner 😛

And this is how Joe and I were dressed in LA:


Shirt. Shorts. Slippers.

I noticed the other people walking around… wearing really cute clothes and nice shoes. Definitely wouldn’t fit in if I lived here because I don’t really give a hoot what I wear as long as it’s comfortable. For me, comfort > fashion/style, haha.


I’m excited about today! We’ll be hanging out with Esther and eating some yummy food (again, hehe)!

What are you up to this weekend?

Do you make time to workout when you are out of town/on vacation?

3 responses to “LA-ing

  1. Blockheads is sooo yummy! There’s also this shaved ice place called Fluff Ice in my neighborhood that’s also good 🙂 Love Taiwanese shaved ice. Have fun!!!

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