Getting Back on Track

GOODNESS, what a weekend of yummy eats and hanging out 🙂

Thanks, Esther for being such a wonderful host!


And also, thank you so much for introducing us to MILK. It definitely was not over-hyped and I loved those macaron ice cream sandwich thingies (as did Joseph… CLEARLY):



And here are the other good eats from the weekend.

Yuchun Naeng Myun:


I know. I got the dolpan bulgogi and mushroom (or spelled “beursut” on the menu, hahaha) at a naeng myun place [translation: I got a sizzling meat and mushroom dish at a cold noodle place]. Why? Because dolpan/dolsot bibimbap is my favorite. I’ve gotten the naeng myun there and it’s good… but the crispy rice in the dolpan makes me much much happier than the noodles.

Besides, I got to have some of Joe’s:


^BTW, mix too vigorously and you will splatter the sauce all over yourself… as Joe did about 3 seconds after I took this picture, HEHE.

And one would think that after seven years, we would know how to take a picture together without it looking awkward. Well, one would be wrong:


Before we came back up to San Jose, we got potato stew (gamja tang):


And a big thanks to Joe’s uncle Jay (and Aunt Sunny, not pictured) for always being so hospitable whenever we go down to SoCal! 🙂


This was at breakfast on Sunday at Bruxie!

20130922_092343 20130922_092251


^Joe’s little cousin Hannah has grown so much! I think she’s becoming too cool to make silly faces with us 😦

So to sum up the trip… we ate a lot. It was nice, and only for a short while, so I won’t beat myself up over it.


We went to the gym on Friday and Saturday. I didn’t get to tell you about the awesome workout I did on Saturday (though I was incredibly sore from the leg sesh the previous day).

I did 2.5 miles to warm up (about 22 minutes).

Then I did 5 miles in 37 minutes (HOLY CRAP?!)

And then 1.5 miles to cool down (13 minutes).

That random 5-miler was thanks to the music I was listening to. The treadmill has become dull and boring to me… considering how I usually get to see these sites during my runs in SF.

To keep it fun, I ran at 7.7 mph during the verses and normal parts of the song, and then at anything above 8.0 mph during the choruses. Did that until I did five miles of alternating (it was originally going to be until I did 3 miles of that crap, but I just kept on going).

Did I plan to run NINE MILES on super sore legs? Neeooooope.

Also… I feel like that was probably a stupid thing to do, but oh, well. It was done, and I felt so happy with that workout.

Also, waddling around for the rest of the day was kind of fun.


To get back on track, I will just go back to my regular portions, more fruits and veggies, and my regular workouts.

I may or may not try to make something healthy in the little kitchenette at my school place (no stove! Just a microwave and a toaster oven).

Bought TVP (texturized vegetable protein) a couple weeks ago. It just sounded so freaking appetizing.

Microwaved it with water, added it to my egg and broccoli muffins (not really a muffin… there’s no flour or fun carbs going in it), baked it in a cupcake tin (350 degrees, 10-12 minutes, or until egg is cooked), and here’s what came out:


Not too shabby, considering it’s a ball of fiber and protein. I topped it with some cheese and ate it with toast. It would be perfect as a snack with Sriracha sauce.

That’s what this week will be all about… trying to make healthy foods here and not eat out (not that I do while I’m in school).


How do you keep fit while on vacation? Or do you just let yourself relax and not worry about working out?

Are you a vegetarian? Vegan? Have you heard of TVP?

5 responses to “Getting Back on Track

  1. 5miles in 37 min is Holy crap alright!!!!!!!
    That’s an amazing time!!
    We planned on making the fall 5miler in 45 min last year…hahahhaaha what a joke that was! Rolled in at 53 minutes lol.

    • Thanks!
      But I think treadmill at 1% incline is still easier than running outside with the change in incline, wind, and other stuff in nature 😛
      Not sure if I could bust out that time in a race (but wouldn’t that be nice!).

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