Battle Rope

Holy crap. Have you ever used the battle ropes before? battle rope(source)

I mustered up the courage to use them after seeing Stuftmama’s post about the giant jump rope. I knew the gym pretty close to me had the battle rope (about 30 feet long? Maybe more? Though once you hold the ends and all, it’s half the length).

Decided to get that bad boy set up and try out some exercises. I got ideas from Youtube, of course. It’s definitely not fair that this guy made it look so easy… when it’s actually quite difficult.

Walked the one mile to the gym, and I just wanted to practice and get some power in my movements. I had so little power that the undulations didn’t even make it all the way to the end… it just died halfway :(.

Later on, I was able to make the wave reach the end, all the way to the post… except I had the ends twisted a little so it wasn’t as long.

In five minutes, I had my entire body warmed up and incredibly sweaty. It just might compete with how quickly the stairmaster gets me sweating!

Made it to around 23 minutes before going to the treadmill for a quick run. Started at 7.1 mph, increasing every 0.25 mile for the first mile, then the second mile at 7.5 mph.

Quick and easy. Then I walked another mile home. What a great way to cooldown!


My core (mostly back) feels sore in an awesome way. I’ll be back at those battle ropes again 🙂



What is a new piece of workout equipment you’ve tried recently (or wanted to try)?

Anyone use giant jump ropes or battle ropes regularly?

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