Because I Deserve It

What do you do after races? Or to be more specific… how long do you rest and recover after a race?

I’ve never been very good about resting after a big race. Even after my marathon in May, I was running a good amount during the week following it. If you don’t know already, I PR’d in the half marathon distance on Sunday at the SJ RNR Half (5th year getting a PR, woo hoo!!).

Apparently, I also “PR’d” in the 5K, 10K, and 10-mile distance… which is kind of weird. I consulted my FB friends with this post:

“San Jose RNR splits (official):  5K: 23:10 10K: 46:51 10 mi: 1:15:46 Half: 1:38:45. The 5K and 10K splits are faster than my actual 5K and 10K race PRs (23:19 and 47:39). (o__O) Question: Do those count as new PR’s?”

And the overwhelming response was that they can totally count 🙂

SOOO… I hit a bunch of PR’s on Sunday. Apparently, my hips and shins did not let me forget about it. I was pretty sore on Monday and Tuesday, so the only exercising I did was walking around. Then again, I walk at least 2.5 miles each day because I walk to and from class twice.

On Tuesday, I also went out with my favorite gal, Joanna. We do a track or froyo date at least once a week.


They have a pumpkin cheesecake froyo, which is seasonal. I’ll be getting that when we go out for our weekly froyo fix.

This time, I topped it with pecans and walnuts, and then dipped the cinnamon sugar pita chips.

I was indulging because… I deserve it.

I rested my body from hard workouts because… it deserves to be rested.

But by Wednesday, I was super antsy and ready to sweat! I walked to the gym, did 1+ hour of cycling by myself (creating a nice puddle under the bike, haha), and then 15 minutes of stairmastering. Super light-headed after the stairmaster… guess it was too long after I ate lunch (5 + hours??). Came home and did AbRipperX and arm burnouts for five minutes. It was crazy… my abs were burning in an intense way. That workout always gets me!


I dyed my hair.

Haven’t done this since high school. Also, it still kind of looks the same. Ooops.


So actually, all I did was make my hair smell like hair dye. I’ll be sure to get an even lighter color next time!


I fed my body some good food… because it deserves it (even though I was indulging my face like crazy in the beginning of the week).


^Those weird things on the left is just egg, almond meal, and TVP (texturized vegetable protein… which sounds freaking appetizing as all heck), baked in a muffin tin at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Kind of over-baked, but it tasted just fine.


[Post was written on two different days… so I had a random thing I wanted to share}:

It’s kind of weird, but when I think back to my eating disorder days, I used to eat like… less than 1200 calories per day AND workout all the time. I think the lunch posted above is maybe around 700 calories!

Pretty scary what the mind can tell you (or how much we believe the lies that are all around us that tell us about our worth and crap), even to the point of dying.

Right now for my kinesiology graduation writing requirement course, I am doing a research synthesis paper on the female athlete triad (FAT). It is a condition commonly seen in women who exercise a lot or participate in sports/activities that emphasize leanness (such as long distance running, dance, gymnastics, etc.). The condition consists of menstrual irregularity (or absence), low bone mineral density, and low energy expenditure. 

[HungryRunnerGirl had a post on FAT, too]

In high school when I was anorexic, I totally had FAT. I didn’t get my period for a year, my bones were probably super brittle, and I was always tired (but I still exercised about 3 to 4 hours per day WHILE restricting calories). Sure, I got down to 98 pounds (at almost 5’7″), but I lost 2/3 of my hair and my skin had a weird yellow/gray tint. Definitely not the picture of health. Nor was it cute or pretty. People just cringed.

Not sure if you’ve ever tried so hard to achieve a weight goal to find happiness, but I don’t think it exists.

Be happy and find joy where you are right now (not saying that you can’t work hard to improve your health, well-being, life situation, etc.). I just hope you’re not saying, “If I just lose 5 more pounds, I’ll be happy.” <—THAT is the lie that made me drop 30+ pounds from a healthy weight. I would lose the 5 pounds, and still think I need to lose an additional five. It was CRAAAAAZY.

Seriously… if you are living with that lie dictating your every move and decision, then just realize this…

You deserve better. You deserve the truth.

The truth is that we are already worth so much because the eyes of Our Father and His affection are set on us. Whatever voice that’s saying, “You’re not good enough,” is a LIE.


There’s really only one explanation for how I’ve changed so much from my old self:

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come. The old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthians 5:17


What are you joyful about today? (I’m joyful about school. I may stress about tests and assignments sometimes, but I love everything I am learning. It’s so fascinating!)

Have you dyed your hair before? At home or in a salon?

10 responses to “Because I Deserve It

  1. Wow congrats on all your PR’s- they all count in my book! And OMG I love those cinnamon sugar pita chips. I make my own sometimes 🙂

    Congrats on be so healthy now! I know people who have struggled with eating disorders and it’s not easy to overcome. You should be proud of yourself!

  2. My hair seems to alllways looks the same after I try to dye it! I almost have to get extremely light shades to try to reach the color I’m going for.

  3. Great PR’s, especially the Half Marathon!

    I usually take a day off and a day of active recovery with a little jog followed by an easy cross training after my races. I actually love the pain right after the race; as it reminds me of how much I accomplished in that race 🙂 But better be safe than sorry, I try to rest 🙂

    You’re totally right! I stressed too much in the summer trying to lose that little bit of fat in my belly, ok now I run so much faster than before, but I wasn’t really happy with myself throughout the summer. Now I love that little bit of fat that got me to be who I am 🙂 Allright I don’t have the ‘6-pack’ but I have 6 courses from hell to worry about, abs can wait…

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