Falling in Love

You know that feeling when you fall in love with someone?

You talk about that person all the time (and your friends get annoyed). You get reminded of that person when you are out doing something random (when you hear a song… or grocery shopping). Your mind is consumed by the thought of that person. You can’t wait to hear the sound of the person’s voice, see him/her in person, and it’s hard to be away from the person. You drive a ridiculous amount of time to hang out for just a little while because it’s worth it. You know the likes and dislikes (and even start to like what he/she likes and dislike what the person dislikes).

Falling. In love. It’s just that. Your world is all crazy-shifted.

You can totally love someone, but not have that falling in love feeling all the time (which is totally cool and normal).

Here’s the thing about falling in love with Jesus. Same thing happens.

You talk about Him all the time (to the point where friends… and random strangers… think you’re weirdsies). You get reminded of something He said and think, “OMG, you’re so cool, Jesus!!!” You want to sing songs about Him, you can’t wait to be in His Presence, you can’t wait to sit down and pray or read the Bible. You give your monies to him even when you are broke. You start to love what/who He loves (people!) and hate what He hates (pride? idols? Sin, in general?)..

I think I kind of fell in love with Him again last week when I learned a whole bunch from Nehemiah. I talked to some random people in class about it (though they just nodded politely and smiled. Don’t think they were interested, but I didn’t care!), I emailed people from church, and I shared about it in the sister’s meeting. I kept thinking about His Words. When I was in class, I couldn’t wait to get home to pray and dive into the Word. It was COOL.

This is what was my prayer request the other week in a Bible study meeting. I know I love Jesus, but I asked that they pray that I could fall in love with Him again. And why would God NOT answer this request with a big fat “YES”?? And he said, “Yes!”

😀 I love Him so much.


Random workout stuff to tell ya:

I wasn’t that sore from the marathon, but I decided I would still take it easy yesterday. Didn’t want to run on the pavement, since I kind of did 4 hours and 25 minutes of that yesterday. Went to the gym and did some easy treadmilling (5.0 miles in 41 minutes).

Then I did 45 minutes of cycling.


^(recycled photo. Same outfit, same darned crazy amount of sweat).

Did NOT expect to do that much cardio, but I was feeling fine, so… yeah. That was a great way to start off the week!


What’s your favorite form of cross-training?

Share anything about your day that made you joyful!

10 responses to “Falling in Love

  1. Taking an easy run this morning in the beautiful cool weather made me joyful. I love fall. This is going to be a recovery week for me and I am going to enjoy it.

  2. Oh my goodness I know what you mean! Sometimes when I finally understand something (usually biblical related) I’m just like “Ohhhhh THATS what that means! Isn’t that so cool Jesus?!
    Thanks for helping me figure that out!” lol 😉

    Thanks for sharing, this is a great post (=

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