Recent workouts:

Saturday: Treadmill for 10 miles (92 min?). I ran super easy while reading Hansons Marathon Method. Then I walked to Joe’s house (1.3 miles).

Sunday: Treadmill for 9.0 miles (84 min) at my home while watching Friends. Super easy pace.

Today: Ran outside, 9.15 miles (1:23). Tried to keep the pace between 9:00 and 9:10.


During my run today, I began to think about my past, having been diagnosed with major depression or anorexia (or how my bulimia when under the radar… kinda). As much as those times felt hopeless and overwhelming, it kind of messed me up that I had an official diagnoses.

In my mind, I let the diagnosis become my identity. I thought that’s who I would be… a depressed girl with an eating disorder, always having issues.

MAN, do I come with some baggage, huh???

Luckily, I made a decision to “change” my identity (or at least not let the diagnosis define who I am). Yes, I am a child of God (which helped a lot with the healing process), but I also became a runner.

Here’s how you know that a big part of my identity is being a runner: Upon first meeting someone, after some small talk, I’ll ask if he/she likes to run. Hehe, I’m always looking for people to run with. I can also talk about races, running, training, running gear, PR’s, blah blah blah for forever and a day. And I always wear running clothes and have my running shoes and Garmin Forerunner 405 with me.

So, yeah. I may discuss my past hurdles pretty often, but it’s mostly so that we can bust through the whole secrecy and taboooo bidness around eating disorders (though hopefully without triggering anyone). It is luckily not something that I have to be overwhelmed by in every moment of every day.

To sum it up… if you’ve been diagnosed with a disorder, it does not have to become your identity. Remind yourself of who you truly are (A RUNNER? :D).


Our church had our Harvest Festival yesterday. We were stationed at the face-painting station. For my own face, I decided to be a dog… and did the whole spot-over-the-eye thing. People kept making fun of me and said it looked like a black eye. Some little cowboys and princesses even asked, “Hey, who punched you in the eye?” (kids are getting way too smart these days).


It was our second year having the Harvest Festival at our cafegymatorium and we had more than twice as many people as last year. It was CRAZY!




There were so many people that a wild mob formed and they beat up Mike Wazowski. Poor guy never stood a chance (nor the other two pinatas, haha).


There were some wonderful games made by the youth group, and some super adorable costumes! It was a sugar-filled night (I ate a couple of mini’s and some homemade cupcakes).


Any Halloween/harvest festival parties over the weekend?

Are you going to dress up for Halloween this Thursday? Tell me what you’re going to be 😀

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